Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday, Christmas eve!

     Merry Christmas every one.  We Swedes actually celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve.  Christmas day is just a calm day of relaxing.  I will make orange rolls for breakfast and that is it.  Very quiet family time, with phone calls and naps. 

     The dresser was delivered last night and it is lovely.  Now I have two empty dressers and clothes all over the place.  Hub's dejunked a huge bag of stuff and I have been decluttering as I go and with what was taken out of renters room and our room I think we will have to make a dump run.  Definitely going to good will and the second hand resale store is in the plan.  So in essence we are getting rid of 5 large pieces of furniture and getting one dresser.  It is all about downsizing.

     Girlfriend and I made two batches of caramel yesterday.  One with pecans and one without.  We also did two batches of almond roca.   Then we made a batch of rosettes.   I had another girlfriend come over and I made 5 aprons and several pot holders with her for Christmas presents.  She ironed and cut all threads and I never left my machine.  It was like a factory and so fun to just work and yak with my friends.  I then ran to store to get holiday dinner fixings which are still in the truck.  Hub's helped me wrap presents last night so that is almost done.  We really cut back this year and that is wonderful.

     My hands and wrists are so bad today and I am a little worried I won't be able to get things done around here.  Everything left to do involves moving and lifting and I think my mover lifter parts are screaming.  Why today?  Still have not done the bills which is so stupid.  Well I did go to the bank yesterday and paid the rest of the payments for the month.  Will update later.  Right now trying to figure my game plan for today.  Where do I start and I am a little overwhelmed.

     Have a a wonderful Christmas eve my friends, may the light of Christ be ever in your homes and lives.




  1. Merry Christmas to you too Kim and I hope for pain relief for you today and tomorrow and...on and on. Well, at least for today!!

  2. Merry Christmas! You are still my hero!