Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday, Lazy life is nice....

     Living the lazy life is so nice, but I could not do it forever.  I slept until 10 yesterday and then by 1:30 was back underneath a blanket dozing on a bed.  Hub's cleaned all the gutters on this huge house and raked up 10 bags of leaves and cleaned the garage floor and driveway of leaves, no easy job.  I was napping.  He came by the bedroom on his way to wash out his gloves and said, "Kim, are you okay?"  Obviously not used to me laying around.  I cleaned a little and puttered on the computer. 

     I am going to put a stew in my Judy for dinner.  To night I am going up to University to be with girls as the youngest one is still sick and needs her mommy.  I really think she needs a clean apartment.  But I will go because I am her mom.

     In the next week I have major sewing to be done, I have to take all these dressers to Missoula and come back that will take at least a day.  I have to take down all of Christmas and put it away.  I also have to get down to the studio, which I have pretended didn't exist and get it organized and cleaned up.  Ugh.  No more laying around for me.  I have hit my 3 day limit of lazy.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


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