Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday, Yeah I mean all these things!

     Yesterday I took a huge load of old non working items (should have put spouse in there :) ) and garbage to the dump.  Just trying to free up space around here.  I think it is working.  Every drawer and nook in our master bedroom has been done. I must ruthlessly continue on the rest of the house.  Just too much stuff. 

     I had $160.00 arrive in the mail that I had forgotten about, that will go to the next house payment.  I have to remember that I will need at least $550.00 in a few weeks and must get to sewing.  This puttering around the house for fun must stop and real work must commence. Yeah I type that like I mean it.

     I have piles of paper garbage in the shop and computer room to clean up and must go through food in fridge and cull out the leftovers, downsize the trays of cookies.  I have gained so much weight and will need to do something about it after the See's chocolates and all the pecan caramels are eaten.  No use starting early.

     I just walk around and make plans and then it is too much work or effort so I go get a plate of goodies and watch netflicks.  I could get used to this life.  But I would have to buy new larger clothes and as I am not buying anything but necessities in 2015 will have to stay in old ones.  There is always a foil in my evil plan.
   Sitting in jammies,
drinking diet coke
on a Saturday,
during the Christmas season.

      My Christmas poem.

Have a great and productive day!


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