Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, things are going to change so stay tuned....

     Well I settled with the theater last night and I held them to their contract which they breached at least 15 times in the first dress rehearsal.  As we are used to running our own shows we were able to pull together and make things successful.  I did not post a lot about it as it was too aggravating and confusing, complaining to you guys would just have made the wound bigger.  I was more interested in making the show a success and harping about things I could not control or people I could not control would not change the outcome. 

     However working hard on the things I could do led us to 6 out of 8 sold out performances, and the biggest money maker for our theater this year.  They were thrilled and they were also embarrassed about their staff and volunteers and how we were treated. We were supposed to walk into a fully staffed theater that was clean and ready for us.  We had several meetings and stated specifically what we needed from them.  Nothing was ready or done.  It was a nightmare, so as parents and teachers we banded together and made it work.  A community is a powerful thing.

     Our split was 30/70 us taking the 30.  I renegotiated after showing them how much more money I had to spend compared to them because they did not have their people in the right spots.  We then split 50/50.  Go Kim!

     So you will soon see come changes to my bottom line. Right now I am very behind in my shop and I have to take mom home tomorrow.  Another all day drive.  Then Thursday we have to take off for a Wedding in Boise and will be home on Saturday afternoon.  I am so looking forward to just staying home and enjoying my family.  I want some quiet afternoon naps and to get a few projects done.

     Jane has inspired me to declutter and go through my house as we really want to downsize or rent the house out in about a year and all of our things will need to go into storage.  Less is more in my book right now, except for money of course:)

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Wow! That is great news, though I hate that you all had to work so hard. Cannot wait to hear the news!