Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday, plans changed.

     Well I was supposed to go to daughters last night but d#2 wanted to go apply for jobs in another area and needed to drive there, so we cancelled.  Don't worry the mess will still be there.  In the mean time I have plenty to do at home, like sew and put away Christmas.

     I have gained so much weight it is not funny, so I am on a diet of throwing away all Christmas goodies.  Well except the caramels, and the good chocolates and the rosettes and.... you get the drift.  I am going to try to get moving today as I have been a sloth  (I used to say slug but I just can't any more,"sniff") for a while and it has given me a bad headache.

     So this morning I have thrown away a plate of dried hardened fudge with about 5 pieces left as I found myself eating one last night.  I also rid myself of a plate of stale cookies and a dead poinsettia.  I might have found myself eating the  dead poinsettia last night:).   All the other Christmas goodies will be re plated for hub's office.  They have a big hearts game with all the old retiree's on New Years Eve and I will send left overs to them.  Can I ignore these for the next two days?  We will see.

     I have been getting inspired by blogs talking about goals for the New Year. Our talks at church yesterday were about goals.  I guess the Bishop must want us to set some.  I know I have some somewhere, at least I think about them and then go and eat stale fudge.  My usual goal is to survive the day:)

     The stew I made for dinner yesterday will suffice for dinner, so my day is complete.

I really have a very bad headache.



  1. In the last 3 weeks, I have gained 10 pounds... My feet hurt to walk... AFTER my daughter's birthday next week, I will be going on a diet.

    1. Okay you are on, whoever loses 10 lbs 1st owes the other one?