Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday,making a list and it is too long!

     I know you all get sick and tired of my busy schedule, because I get sick and tired of it.  I feel like I am a hamster on a wheel.Christmas eve is 2.5 days away and I am not even close to ready.  Really don't care if I get ready.  Well I do care but can't seem to get off the wheel.

     After the dog incident yesterday, I bathed for church and the girls came in at the last second making Hub's and my blood pressure boil.  Hubs was to meet pianist at church at 20 to 1 with daughter #2 in tow.  They had to run through a piano, violin, vocal trio of a French Christmas carol.  Of course the beauty queen (daughter #2) skated into church at 15 till.  I could see hubs trying to do breathing exercises to relax.  Too funny, but not funny at the same time.  Why can't kids just be a little early?

     Anyway it went off beautifully, hubs played great and daughter was her movie star self.  Three verses in French and one in English.  We all ran home to get hubs birthday dinner going.  It was lovely.  I threatened both girls with severe harm if they did not go through all the clean laundry in the laundry room and take it up to college.  Also daughter #2 who spends a lot of time in town and stays here some nights, is a slob.  She lives I swear out of her car and bags and laundry baskets.  They are creeping through every room in my house and I can't stand it!  I made her go through everyone of them in every room,(yes I followed her like a baba yaga) Consolidate, put away and take away or else.  The washing machine did not stop until 2 a.m. last night.  Her dance bag, which is huge was disgusting, she had two theater laundry baskets full of (who knows what?)  Then shoes, and bags, and bags, and bags, of overnight crap.  It really drives me nuts.  She is like a hamster that poops in very room.  She was headed for the bedroom we have been renting and had already pooped in the bathroom (i.e. left her Sunday clothes all over and makeup and a huge bag of toiletries).  I stopped her with my magic mother super powers and banished her to Moscow.

    The renter's room has to be cleaned and refurbished as in washed down and made ready.  All I have left to do in there is vacuum. I have a to sweep and scrub the floor in renters bath.  So today I have a long list of to do's to get ready for Christmas baking with a girl friend(tomorrow)and Christmas with my family.  That is Wednesday eve right?

     1. Run through up stairs and finish vacuuming.
     2. Vacuum downstairs bedroom ad assemble.
     3.Clean floor and assemble downstairs bath.
     4. Take all gifts to be wrapped upstairs to master.
     5.  Dust and clean family room. Brand new vacuum died as I was cleaning!
     6. sew all the things left in shop and pray no new comes in before Christmas.
     7.  Pay  all bills for the rest of the month
     8. Wrap presents
     9.  Get organized for tomorrow (baking)
     10. plan Christmas eve dinner and make shopping list for Tuesday.
     11. CALL SLUGGY!
     12.  Get dressed

These are not necessarily in order:)    Really need to get a nap in there some where.

Out My Window:  It is a beautiful sunny, cold winter day.

Have a great and productive day!





  1. OMG my daughter is at your house!! Sigh...going through the same struggles here...somehow out of the muck that is her bedroom she always appears like a beauty queen. Now, that's talent!

  2. I have little boys, & I swear that I spend half of my life picking up dirty socks, wadded up tissues, you name it. We talk about it *a lot*, but it hasn't sunk in quite yet. ;-)