Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday, In Nampa at in-laws

     We drove to Nampa which is 15 miles from Boise today.  Arrived about 5 their time and we did a little Christmas shopping.  I got B done and have to find at least 2 gifts for S.  Then I am Done!  It will be a really cut back Christmas but the girls don't care they are happy to just be together.  Hubs turns 64 tomorrow so I told his niece if she wanted our wedding gift she had better have a cake for him at the reception.  I didn't care if it was a hostess cupcake.

     The Wedding is at 11:00 tomorrow and then the reception is at 6:30.  So between I will finish up Christmas at the Boise Mall.  This is great as we have no shopping in Lewiston to speak of and when I get home I can wrap packages and sew and rest.

     By the way, just for a small drum roll I paid off the truck today!  I will not update things until I get home, but I will have more pay off results when I can get the figures together.  Trying so hard to pass up Sarah and I could only to spiral right back into more debt so I must be cautious and be satisfied with what I can do.  Remember this year was about not over paying my debt and failing to keep enough to live on and be somewhat comfortable,  I really wanted the truck paid off as this years goal and I made that for sure.  I am making progress that is what counts.  Perhaps when all the dust settles I can pay off something else.  We will see.

     I am so excited!



  1. Congratulations on paying off the truck! That is great!

  2. I just knew you would come from behind and leave me in the dust! Go you!!!