Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday, terrible headache day

     I do not know what caused it, but I had a bad teeth clenching headache for over 24 hours.  I am hoping for a better day.  The shop however was busy and I do have to get several things done today.

     Took down all Christmas yesterday and it is in boxes in the shop.  The car was in the garage last night making it impossible for me to pass with boxes and put away.  I want to do some rearranging in the garage and it will only take a few minutes to put away. The upstairs seems so large and bare without all the Christmas stuff. I need to do a quick run through and mop the Kitchen floor and it is really clean up there.  I was able to move all the rugs and sweep and clean all the floors even with my headache it just took all day into the night.

     All of the girls laundry is out of the laundry room and it is so nice.  I am taking a huge overflowing basket to the resale shop today out of my bedroom.  I just love the fact that I am getting rid of things.  It frees my soul.  I have several closets to tackle and hubs and I need to really cull our books.  We are such readers and lovers of books and they start to take over.  Maybe I can get him to do a thorough look at that on New Years Day. Our bedroom bookshelves are overflowing.

     Tonight I have our board President coming over with the official video copy of the Nutcracker and we will go over books and see what is needed for set up.  I know my books will not be closed out until the end of January, but that is okay.  We are having Pizza tonight and I have not decided if it is cheaper to make it or buy it ready made.  We have some really good specials going on.  I would need to buy cheese and meat.  I will probably make it, now that I think of it, it will taste better and I will have left overs.  So I must fit a trip to the grocer into my day.

     Desperately need to get my roots done but don't have the money as of yet.  I need to get to work earning money and quit put-zing around this house. At least one of my big goals is complete, as in put away Christmas!

     Tomorrow I am going to post about my New Years Plans as far as debt is concerned.  We will have many serious changes in the coming year and I hope they are for the good.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Kim, have you eaten a lot more carbs or sugar than normal? That gives me an awful headache. Tablets dont help at all but moving around and caffeine help it to go. :(

  2. Yeah, like 20 homemade caramels a day and crackers and crap and chocolate and cookies and, and, and,...... Your point is:) Okay I get it. No carbs yesterday and I actually am a little better today!@ I know better but it was so much fun!

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  4. Headache can really attack us at the most inopportune times. It can either be caused by the food we eat, our sleeping pattern or the level of stress we encounter each day. Anyway, that was indeed a lot of things to do. I just hope that everything has been accomplished and that you are faring better these days. Thanks for sharing that, Kim! All the best to you!

    Mark Wallace @ Chiropractic Memphis

  5. Having a headache can really bring a terrible day because of the pain it can give to you. It can also delay so many things. It’s good to be careful and aware of the condition of your headache, especially if you have a feeling that the symptoms are not too common anymore. You also need to be ready and alert by knowing what medicines you can take for it and by keeping them by your side at all times. Thanks for sharing that, Kim! Take care!

    Cynthia Bowers @ Bay Area TMJ And Sleep