Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday, show opens!

     Well dress rehearsal was a complete disaster, which is good as it means we will have a great opening night.  I am too tired to really care right now.  I am sitting here typing in my night gown, I have already been to Mc Donalds in my night gown for a soda as we are out of Diet coke I and I needed a pick me up.  Customers will show up and I will be here wild haired and smelly.  At least I took off my Mother Ginger makeup from last night.

     Needless to say I just want this over.

     On a good note I have no costume mending or fixing today.  I mean I left the theater with nothing.  I do have an order coming in today and have to run buy some back up tights but that is it.  This almost never happens.  On a bad note, I am a stinky mess and my house is a disaster.  I think there might be laundry molding in the washer.  We have been out of bread and milk since Sunday.  Papers everywhere and I am sure there is a mouse living around the computer from all the dropped popcorn and chocolate I have been nibbling the last few week.  I still have Halloween and Thanksgiving decos all over.

     So my goal today, is to of course clean up and then gut the upstairs and the family room, my shop and the laundry.  My reward if I complete my tasks in a timely manner is that I get to open my Pig bank I have been saving my change in all year!  Yeah what a fun reward, but my list is ominous......

1. bathe, dress, get ready to meet my public
2. clean master bedroom and bathroom
3. clean spare room
4. clean spare bath
5 clean kitchen
6. clean out fridge and organize
7. take program to theater whenever the call comes in.
8. go pick up spare tights at stores.
9. clean and dust family room
10. put away all Halloween and Thanksgiving crap.
11.  All this has to be done while I am working on laundry
12. Dust and clean living room
13. clean off front porch
14. check on chickens
15. open Pig bank!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay on your mark get set go!

Have a great and productive day!


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