Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday,company coming

     Yesterday was a blur as I felt like I was in between worlds.  My Nutcracker theater world and my real world.  I did make sure that both my checking accounts were balanced as I have been really sloppy and costly there lately.  I also cleaned off my desk and caught up on show expenses to turn over to theater.

     I really did not do much yesterday, a little sewing, a little cleaning, a little book work.  It was a nice pleasant day of putzing.  I don't get many of those.  I was able to talk to my Sissie with out too many interruptions.

     Today I am going to clean the upstairs and the downstairs a little.  Get some sewing done as I need the money to make the house payment.  I need to get my nails done, haven't done that for a month.  I actually woke up this morning with very little stiffness so that was a positive.

     I have to go pick up my mother tomorrow in Missoula.  Not looking forward to a 10 hour drive but oh well.  Daughter #2 will go with me.  I hope the roads are good.  We will leave here about eight or nine and then get there about noon to turn around and come back as we want to be here at about 5 in the afternoon for rehearsal.  Fun, fun, fun!

     So I had better get then house ready for company as after mom comes, Eldest daughter, her mother-in-law and grandson come.  It will be a full house.  Everyone is coming in for the Nutcracker.  So let's get ready for company.  How does one do that?

      I guess I do have to clean!  Darn I was hoping for another lazy day.  Maybe bake bread, and a little something, something.  As my Sissie would say.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I honestly don't know how you keep up this schedule. I would be having a nervous breakdown!

  2. 10 hour drive with all you have been doing lately I am amazed how you fit everything in. I hope you get a relaxing break soon as although I love reading your exciting life your body may need a good rest.
    How do you keep up with all this?