Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday, $507.13 in my pig!

     Yes that was the grand total!  This is my Christmas money.  I could hardly carry the money down to the bank it was so heavy.  It is my best year yet and now I have started all over with new change in the pig.

     The show is going great, I am very, very, tired.  Grateful for a few days off  so I can catch up around here.  I also have a house payment due and I have no money saved toward it so I need to get busy.

     We sold out at the the theater on Saturday and Sunday and the shows are selling fast for next week.  Looks like a good run.  Board director and I decided not to do a Celtic show this year but to take the kids to schools and do assembly performances.  I don't make any money on the show and it is so much stress we will take a year off and just do community service and concentrate on our spring production.

     Bad news is my arthritis is blowing big time.  I have a call into the doctor and am going in for blood work.  Wrists and one ankle very affected. So that means the other ankle will go soon.  Night sweats are awful, waking up soaking wet and freezing.  I would like to blame the weather but we all know that is not the reason.

     Hub's and I got up Saturday morning and he cleaned the chicken coop and he and I took a load of yard and chicken waste to the landfill and then went to the city dump to drop off an old microwave and some large garbage.  When we got home all covered in yuck, we decided to pull the 7 boxes of Christmas decos out of the garage.  The boxes were covered with dirt and spider webs as we did not completely clean the garage this year.  So now we were doubly dirty.  Our plan was to just pull the boxes and then rest before going to the theater at 5.  I did not want to leave filthy boxes all over the upstairs so we emptied said boxes and took them back down to the garage.  Now Christmas had thrown up all over the front room.   So hubs put the tree together and I started to put things where they belonged and 3 hours later our house was done except the tree was not decorated.  Daughter and I came home from the theater at 10 p.m. and decorated the tree.  The house is ready for Christmas!  I downsized 2 whole boxes of Christmas ornaments and things and will do more after we pack them up.  I just want to be down to a few boxes.

     I put a big roast and veggies in my Judy on Sunday and had a nice dinner after the show.  It was so nice to sit down to the table and have a meal.  I feel like all we have done since Thanksgiving is eat on the run.  We have a lots of leftovers for tonight.

     I am going to get into a hot tub and see if I can get my joints to loosen up and then run through the house and set down and look at my books.  Pay as many studio bills as I can and then try to figure out where I am financially for Christmas.  It is going to be a light one and I don't even care.  The kids are old enough to understand money and that I don't have any extra for extravagance.  But we will have a nice Christmas all the same.

Have a great and productive day!