Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday/Monday, A New Year!

     Wow!  How did we get here so quickly?  Most of the blogs that I have read are recounts of the year or new goals that are in the process of getting broken.  (Okay that was my blog)  But the New Year does in deed give us a chance to look and recap and plan and decide.  I love goals I am just not very good at keeping them.  I think I have goal fatigue.

     2016 was a very tough year for me.  Hub's retired, mom had moved in and was with us full time, we had some major upsets in remodeling the kitchen and the hot water heater went bust.  Lil sis moved here and although I am thrilled that brought with it other kinds of stress for many weeks.  I have had a very difficult time with depression off and on and have had to work very hard to stay up.  My health has been fragile and SED rates hard to control.  I sold the studio and it has been painful at times.  Like giving up a baby for adoption.  You know it is better for the baby but it still hurts.

    2016 was a very good year for me.  I had two new grandsons!  They have brought so much joy into my life.  Hub's and I got a few trips away and many visits with our new little ones. Mom has been here and when times are good they are GOOD.  My Lil sis moved here and she has taken a huge load off me when it comes to mom.  We finally got to remodel our 1958 kitchen and that has been so wonderful and I am so appreciative about this goal I actually achieved.  We went the whole year without a car payment which is the first in 38 years of marriage.  I was able to find a buyer for my studio and relieve myself of so much stress. 

     So many of the things that were bad were also good.  Life is a catch 22 sometimes. You have to roll with what comes.

     My only real goal for the new year is to pay attention.  I have a tendency to dis-engage when I am stressed.  I just shut down and don't pay attention to important things like bills and due dates and bank balances.  I have a terrible time getting book work done and procrastinate like no other.  I could be so much better if I would just pay attention.

      I know that mom's health and memory will not get better.  I have to find a way to deal with this and not let it affect me.  My sister's really notice this.  I just become very quiet and usually get a book or my phone and go off by myself.  So this year I am going to try and turn over a new leaf.

1. Keep accurate records of money spent on a daily basis and report it on the blog.
2. pay all house bills by the 5th of the month
3. get into my accounts every night before I go to bed to update.

If I can just do these things life will be much better.  My stress will go down and my guilt will subside a little.

BUT  I NEED HELP from my blogger pals.  Please help me be accountable.  When you notice that I am slacking beat me up.  I really need this.  I am weak and extremely undisciplined.

Have a great and productive New Year.


  1. I DOUBT BEATING YOU UP WOULD HELP. Ooops, did not mean caps, not yelling. I now understand your problems with your mother since you have been specific! I have two bills that are auto-pay and two more that I pay online, one with a telephone check, and one I pay in person. I like the autopay, online and telephone check. The one I pay in person is also a cash payment. If I pay on the first of the month, the business keeps it until the 28th of the month. It drives me crazy.

    You are not weak and undisciplined. You are living with a situation that will soon become untenable and you really do a lot. Don't beat yourself up!
    practical parsimony

  2. I try to keep up my financials on a daily basis. It only takes a minute when you do it daily as you have noted in your post. And then that reduces stress and you have fewer financial surprises! So I will help keep your feet to the fire :) as I want you to be less stressed!

  3. Happy New Year! Not sure what day you get paid but I make all my payments on that date (or set aside the money to do so) so no interest charges. Dealing with aging family is a big thing and so stressful - give yourself a break :)

    1. That is the plan although I will have interest charges it feels like forever. Just getting things paid on time is a struggle.