Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday,cleaning up Christmas

     Sissie and I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning up Christmas.   Christmas was such a bust and all the work that went into trying to make it perfect, what a waste.  Then I think of why we celebrate this season and it makes me sick.  Not sure what to do about it.  I used to love Christmas, It was a holy time and a time of giving and family.  I still think those things are important.  But something has to change.  Is it mom?  Is it depression? I still have linens from bedrooms and bathrooms to put away and switch out, but this can be done when I get back from D#1's house in January.

     I have a large load of things to take to good will, and I have to take a load to my lil sis' house that belongs to mother and we will store in her basement as mom won't give it up yet.  I still need to take down the nativity but the boxes that it goes in are at lil sis house so that can be done later today.  We are going over to Lil sis this evening for New Years Eve.  I am sure we will have plenty of laughs.

   This last year has been very hard.  I need to make some changes to make next year better. More on this later.

Have a Happy New Years celebration.



  1. I am reading a lot of blog posts similar to yours. We really need to support each other in this little community of ours - a lot of people are sad, depressed, have medical conditions holding them back. We're all struggling in our own way. Let's stick together.

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