Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday, Christmas saga continues

     Hub's and I enjoyed a nice nap Christmas day from about 2 until 5:30.  Sis came home and we had a beautiful French toast.  The prime rib was cancelled.  Little sis and I went back to the hospital about 6:30 to play with mom.  When we arrived her nurse said she had gone into sinus rhythm at about 4:30.  Well of course Christmas is almost over.  She was in a better mood and we visited for a while she did not want to play any games, so Sis and I went our separate ways and we prepared to come get her in the morning.

     Monday morning we were able to break mom out at about 11:30 and she was raring to go just like last time.  She had her three chicks at her beck and call or I should say peck and call.  We spent the day yesterday shopping the after Christmas sales.  She did not have to share our attention with anybody.  I was very quiet most of the day.  I am of the three of us, actually the quiet one.  For those of you that know me well this is probably scary. I was just pissed watching mom's behavior.  She ate like a horse that evening and I took her home.

      I went back to the blog which by the way is a very good help to see how and what she has done.  I might have to use it in court to defend myself someday. :)  Anyway the last time she was in the hospital for A-fib was a weekend that I had a couple of friends over for dinner on a Friday.  She was not included and went to my sister's with her nose out of joint.  I remember not letting her bake or make a mess of the kitchen on the Thursday before.  Then on Sunday I had two families over for dinner and she did the same thing spent most of her time down in her room chewing on her face.  She did come up for dinner, but left immediately to go lay down.  After I had cleaned up the kitchen and company had left she came out of her room with her heart in serious A-fib like 180 beats per minute.  Same scenario, in late at night all day the next and then home the third day raring to go.  She had to bake and bake and I had to stay right with her  as her  mini chef.

     Talking to the doctors and nurses they said no one knows what causes these episodes but they are more than likely triggered by emotional behavior, not even recognized by the patient.  Well great now we can see that if we are prepping to get ready for company or any celebration where there are going to be others in the house even our own children, mom is going to have an episode. They call is Holiday heart.  Great!

More on this later.  I am sure you are all enthralled.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am at a loss for words for you. I truly do understand what you are going through and it is just not fun at all.
    I feel really fortunate that our holiday emergency room trip was on Tuesday rather than Sunday, though we did get to experience a little "medical" drama after Christmas brunch.

    1. I am so happy that I can blog with you and see that others experience the same drama (trauma) Believe it or not it helps.

  2. Well, I suppose you know what special occasions in the future hold for you!

    Practical Parsimony

  3. Oh my! Perhaps now that you know that Holiday Heart is likely to happen again on say Easter, you could have her stay some somewhere else? Our Christmas medical drama involved my sister-in-law, who was hosting Christmas dinner falling ill with vertigo and a sinus infection so dinner was cancelled at the last minute. So...I tore my fridge apart looking for the fixings for a Christmas dinner. Not your traditional dinner but we were filled up and that's what counts, I guess.