Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday, nice weekend

     Saturday morning I got up and helped mom get all her packages wrapped for things that were to be mailed.  We were done with her 4 boxes about 1 p.m. and went to postal service to mail them then we shopped a little and came home.

Friday evening we had dinner with my sister and a few older friends it was so nice.  We sat around the table and talked and talked.

Saturday evening we also had D#2 and baby come in for the night.  That was fun.  Trying to keep him away from the Christmas tree was a challenge.

I was scheduled to speak at church on Christmas Sunday but the bishop called me about 9 p.m. while I was getting some things done for Sunday dinner.  He had a mix-up in his schedule and no one for this last Sunday.  So I was on the spot to speak the next morning.  I had done no research and I was in overdrive to get a talk ready.  I stayed up late and sort of rigged together a theme and content.

I also made a German chocolate cake for hub's birthday dinner and a large jello salad.  That way I could get mom to put the Ham in and all I would have to do is peel potatoes and put on the veggies.

     The talk went okay.  I would have liked to have been better prepared but I am good at winging things so others liked it.  I guess that is what counts.

     We had a big birthday dinner for hub's.  I always set the table with the Christmas china and crystal and silver.  We had our nephew/Hub's second cousin over with his family.  They are so fun and we treat him like one of our own kids.  He has three little boys and one more due in March.  So all the boys got presents along with Uncle Joe(Hub's)  We had more fun watching them play than anything.  Hub's got nice gifts from our girls.  Dinner was delicious.

     So today I am going to help mom finish wrapping her stuff and I am going to do all of mine.  Then I have to go to get cat letter and food and mom needs to go some where.  We will have a lot of ham leftovers this week.

Have a great and productive day!


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