Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday, my sissie comes tomorrow

     Yeah!  Looking forward to the company.  Looking forward to someone else dealing with mom.  I have work to do in the shop.  This also makes me happy.

     I have all my stocking stuffers ready.  I have them piled all over the guest room bed and I am going to go put them in individual sacks so I can get them out easily for stuffing later.

I also was able to preorder the seafood for Christmas eve dinner.  So really other than wrap a few more packages I just have a Sh*t load of house work to do.

Mom wants to make more cookies as we are running low.  Don't know where I fit in to all of this but I am sure I do some where.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. See, even your lazy days make me on my productive ones look like a sloth

  2. Sloth's are smelly, do you smell bad? Just wondering?