Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday/Tuesday Mom at her worst in more than one way

     Merry belated Christmas to all and I hope you had a Merry one. My 2 younger girls and the grandson came on Friday afternoon and decided to help me to finish cleaning the house.  Really it was just the floors, but they were very bad.  Mom was still trying to bake more cookies and the kitchen was a mess.  Daughter #2 was horrified by the floors.  Which secretly made me happy as she was such a slob growing up that I dis pared she would ever keep a clean house.  She was also sick with a bad cold and the grandson was teething and had a bad rash and cold.  She had worked a 60 hour week.  So her beautiful personality was let's just say not to pretty.  She managed to upset everyone but me as she picked up her baby and stormed out of my poor white trash house.  I was glowing in the fact that she knew my floors were beyond dirty.  Yes she actually recognized the dirt.  She wanted them clean.  Like toothbrush clean.  I still have a heart full of warm butterflies.  Hub's daughter #3 (who is also a slob) and my little sister and I all rallied and had the house done in about and hour.

       We went to pick up my twin at the airport in our ugly Christmas sweaters and goofy hats.  Yes we had to dodge security as we were disruptive.  Then home for a few laughs and to bed with us all.  It snowed about 5 inches that night so we could have a white Christmas.

     Saturday morning while Hub's was blowing the neighborhood(that just sounds so bad) we finished the Christmas food shopping, came home and put mother down for a nap.  Mom I noticed in the back of my mind was acting funny.  Her nose was out of joint from my daughter telling her that cookie baking was over for the Holiday weekend.  I am not sure what she said but knowing daughter #2 it was short not sweet and to the point. Anyway we girls messed around and my sisters got the holiday table ready while I napped.  We had the gang over for dinner at 5:30.   Eight adults, 2 babies, 2 toddlers.  Mom usually likes to be in the thick of things.  As in the way as she can be, but she remained in her room and I actually had to go and wake her to come to dinner.

     We had our usual  seafood feast and the little ones opened Christmas jammies.  My twin and mom left the table early, twin from jet lag and only 3 hours of sleep, mom because she did not feel good.  I did not worry as she was back up later to watch the babies open their jams.  Then B and I and little Sis started to clean up.  All the dishes have gold trim and the real silver and crystal cannot go in the dishwasher.  So it is hand wash, rinse dry and put away.  B had gone downstairs and came up and said Grandma was moaning and groaning and did not feel well.  Because mom moans out loud and groans constantly I did not take it too seriously.  Sent B back down to be with her and Sis and I filled stockings then B comes back upstairs and says Gma was worse so we go down and mom and rolling around complaining.  Nothing really to pin point what was the matter.  Sis takes her blood pressure and her heart is beating too fast, so she does it again and it is too slow and then again too fast.  She does not trust mom's old cuff so runs to her house to get the new one and after three trials we realize she has gone into A-fib.  So off we go to the hospital.  She does not go back into sinus rhythm and by 2 in the morning she is admitted.  Sis and I get to bed at 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. Mom is madder than hell.

     So now Christmas morning I have to get up by 9 to start orange rolls and kids are coming in with boyfriends and husbands to do stockings and presents and we have to get to the hospital to do Christmas and hold court with Mom. Plus church is at 1 p.m, kids have to get on the road to get to other parental houses.  It was such a mess.  Made a triple batch of rolls so I could take a large pan to hospital staff as I knew mom was going to be horrible.  I had put on some grey thick tights and a grey sweater and a plaid wool skirt with my grey clogs, considerably under dressed for Christmas services but I was warm.  Hubs has on his white shirt and a green sweater with a tie shoved in his pocket, with logging jeans.  We take off to the hospital with rolls, packages etc.  Hub's and I decide to sneak into church a little late in our not so formal attire and then finally just drive home and take a nap.  It was a crappy Christmas.  Mom is still not in sinus rhythm.

     I am still in a quandary over this mess.  All that work and worry and cost to have not one minute to sit and enjoy anything.  My kids, my sisters, my grandson.  Just a big old hurried, rushed, worried mess.  Oh and don't forget the lack of sleep.

  Anyway more on this tomorrow.




  1. Oh Mom.....maybe an assisted living or nursing home would be a better option for everyone?

    And who is taking care of KIM???

  2. Yes, who is taking care of KIM....and Sluggy too for that matter? lolz
    I am sending you prayers for your mom and a vat of DC for you(plus more prayers).

  3. Hugs. I agree with others. You need to find an option that allows you to rest as well.

    1. Options, options, hmmmm, as visions of (well they ain't sugar plums)

  4. Oh Kim. I am so sorry. Sending hugs and prayers for you and your mom.