Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday, Sissie is on the move!

     Get out of her way!  Sissie is on a roll and she means business.  Every time she comes,  my home gets better  and my business is more organized.  It is wonderful.

     We worked very hard yesterday in the shop.  I sewed several police uniforms, altered a pair of grooms pants, hemmed 6 pairs of sweat pants, then altered some things for Sissie and my mom that were in a pile.  Sis worked on remodeling a back section of my large sewing shop into a dressing room for clients.

 Here is the corner chair and art work sis down loaded onto heavy stock and put in dollar store frames. I recovered an old chair from my front room, new curtains hung.  Sis spray painted some large button art.  Everything a client needs.  Hook for clothes, tray for keys, cell phone, sunglasses.  A place to put your purse or bag.

Here is other side of room.


This is the perfect set up for my clients.  Since mom does not want to be upstairs with a private bath we have always used the bath off the shop for a dressing room.  This is getting more and more impossible with mom's behavior.  She does not put her jewelry away and it will be stolen.  She  does not put her meds away which will be stolen.  We have or I have tried and tried to get her to keep it clean.  I do go in and clean but then I get in trouble, because I moved something.  Her bathroom habits are not good.  I am always running ahead of customers to shut the toilet lid and flush before they get inside.  She has terrible incontinence issues which she will not control.  This is getting worse.  Disposing of these problems is also an issue.  She wraps her things in a grocery bag and saves them on a door knob.  When the bag is  full it is taken to the trash.  If I come in and see a bag I grab it and take it out to the trash.  This makes her angry.  I should wait until it is full.  Yeah mom and it is reeking up the entire downstairs.  When a baby messes up it's diaper we take it out we don't throw it in a trash can or put it in a bag and hang it on a knob.  It's the same with an adult MOM...  You just can't reason with her.  She also has to rush in and see what ever client comes and then she try's to get into bathroom.  Like she immediately has to go the minute her bath is in use.  I have had to literally barricade her from the door. " Mom there is someone in there changing", she will be heading for the door," mom", as I step in front of her," there is someone in the bathroom you must wait."  If I don't stand and hold her hands she will head for the door again and try to open it or open it on them.  This has happened too many times.  Then she acts confused and surprised that someone is in there. 
     This will so help the flow of the shop.  Sissie and I cleaned and cleaned yesterday.  All of the tax files for both personal and the dance studio had to be moved.  This will be the last year of doing the studio taxes,  So our desk in the computer/family room will accommodate everything that was in the shop.  Boy was it a mess to reorganize.  We threw away 3 large bags of garage and paperwork.
     Today we are working on putting Christmas away.
Have a great and productive day!


  1. Holy smokes! How long can you get your sister to stay? She must be Martha Stewart on steroids. The dressing room looks so NICE!

  2. That looks amazing!! I agree with Isabella - how long can Sissie stay?? And when you're done with her, can you send her HERE??!!

  3. Does Sissie want to come to Alabama? I have a guest room she could make much better

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