Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday, my Sissie comes today!

    Okay, I am just running with scissors today.

      I had a police man here at 7 a.m. and then went back to bed.  Visualize Hub's stumbling downstairs in his undies, I am chasing him with one clog on and his bathrobe which he threw at me to cover my long john Christmas jammies.  I am hollering at him and he can't hear as he did not have his hearing aids in, I finally reached him as he was going down the stairs and I slapped him on the back to let him know I was right behind him, and he should not answer the door in his underwear, I could do it.  But he had to open door just to make sure it was a police man.  AS the garage door opened and he saw the bottom half and new it was a cop he went upstairs.  He is so chivalrous.  After all I am such a sexy thing in my long john Christmas jammies, they had to be covered with a heavy black over sized man's robe lest I inspire lewd thoughts from a policeman that had just finished a twelve hour all night shift in the freezing cold.

     Today I need to finish pressing a few police shirts and also getting a few more police uniforms done.  I have to clean house and take our youngest out shopping, help mom make a few more cookies.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You make me laugh! I am imagining your husband in his undies trying to cover your long johns with a policeman at the door. This scene has wacky Christmas movie all over it!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Yes if we are anything it is comical here. Merry Christmas!