Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday, Our first fall

     Mom fell yesterday.  She is okay, just shaken up a bit. It was a mess.  I did not get to go teach as I was afraid to leave her.  I also got very little done.  Sis came early from work and we moved cookies to my house.  I was able to get trays done for hub's.

     I have to quit hiding and say I am very depressed.  I hope this will pass.  Maybe having my sister here will help.

     I just can't seem to get anywhere.  I feel like I am swimming up stream in chaos.  I need to get outside of myself and do something.

Mom is getting a perm this after noon.  Hub's and I will do a little shopping.




  1. You know, it's ok to have days where little gets done. Life gets complicated and overwhelming sometimes.

  2. Trust me, when you have someone to care for(cooperative or not)if you don't kill them, it's a good day. Getting stuff done? ha Don't make me laugh!
    Maybe we should combine our "burdens" and take turns having a day off to get stuff done. Deal?

  3. Been reading for awhile but don't think I have ever commented before....Don't be yourself up! Being a caregiver is not an easy feat by any stretch. I'm glad you are happy to get a little time while your mom is getting her perm. It may help you take a small breath and recharge a little. Remember you are doing the best you can - which, by the way, I think is pretty amazing! (((hugs)))

  4. I'm with slugmama on the "it's a good day"...