Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday, What? Why do I blog?

  One of the main reasons I blog is to give myself a boost and be accountable.  So after reading yesterday's blog I could not figure out why I wrote what I did as I worked like a dog and did nothing I wrote about.

    How does this happen?

      I went to bed physically and mentally exhausted so I must have done something.

     Yeah I sewed and had a fitting of the Wedding dress I had not touched.  I did hem 4 pairs of pants.

     I did go to the rest home with my dance kids and they were WONDERFUL!  The residents loved them and it was fun to see them relax and just enjoy them selves.

   So what happened to the rest of the day?  MOTHER!

     She is so excited about her open house that all must revolve around that.  She had a doctors appointment yesterday and she has another one this afternoon that will interrupt my day.  Sis took her to her appointment yesterday and then took her out to get things for the open house.  She arrived home about 2 o'clock  she was exhausted so I was happy she would leave me alone to get other things done, like work on the bride dress.  But  no that was not happening.

     She was in the shop at 3 o'clock driving me nuts.  Fussing and wanting to go upstairs to do this and that.  I finally gave up when I had the dress ready for a fitting (at the least).

     So I pulled out the large mixer and that thing is such a work horse.  We made up 5 different dough's, and a batch of fudge.  Kokkokasse', light peppakkakkor, dark ginger peppekkakor, Sour cream Sucre', My rolled sugar cookies,  Then we put everything in the fridge so she can take out a dough and start to bake.  Last night she did the kokkokasse. 

     I did not want her baking last night as I knew she was too tired.  But she insisted, made a huge mess of the kitchen, I had to stay upstairs but could not do what I wanted as she stumbles around the kitchen in my way.

     I thought I would go down and deep clean her room and bath, but oh no I had to stay upstairs.  So I did more Christmas in the living room, made many trips up and down the stairs transferring things that needed to be taken either down or up.

     She is upstairs now making and additional mess with her peppekkakor and now she tells me she can't do it because of her back.  Great!  like I have nothing to do.

     Say a prayer for me I am going to lose it.  Well I will lose it after I brush my teeth, set my hair, put on some makeup, take the laundry downstairs, and finish her cookie mess in the kitchen.

Grrrrrrrr!  I smell cookies burning, I mean really not joking, I can't do this again today....

Have a great and productive day ( said with sarcasm)



  1. Big hugs. You are in a very difficult situation with your mom. I can only imagine how hard it is to stay motivated while having someone else who is a major distraction. Perhaps reminiscent of having a small child?

    Wish you lots of luck!

    1. Yes a small child is exactly right. It is frustrating.

  2. Can I ask you what type of a big mixer you have. I have been looking at the Bosch and am curious if they are worth it as I have a kitchen aid. Thanks

    1. It is a bosch and it is fabulous. So powerful and does the work for you. Makes bread so well I love it.

  3. What a hard road with your mom. You are so good with her but I know it is very very hard.

    1. Yes , I try to be patient, the blog gets my frustration, sorry but I needed to vent again and again and....:)

  4. One year I gave my sister a small cosmetic bag for her purse. On is it s little saying "If it;s not one thing it's your mother" I so understand where you are coming from.