Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday, Who are these old people?

     Hubs and I went to a movie together last night while twin took mom and lil sis out to dinner.  It was so nice just to be out with Hub's lone!  Actually on a date, like he paid for my popcorn (after taking out a small bank lone)  We went to see the new Start Wars movie Rogue One.  I liked it, but I am a Star Wars fan.  We were leaving the theater and I was observing all the old hunched over couples leaving walking or limping slowly toward the exits.   Why are all these older people in here watching this movie.  This is a younger generation movie.  After all I waited in a line around a city block to see the first movie in 1977.  Oops! Uh..., add 40 years to that and you have 60 year olds.  This is a movie for old people.  I am an old people,  sniff.  It was a real eye opener.

     I was so busy yesterday and twin and I have ripped the house apart and have projects all over the place.  I have to sew today and I mean it.  I will be arrested if I don't get these police uniforms done. But my ADD brain only sees the piles of crap sis and I have set all over.  I must ignore them and leave them for my sissie.

     Hub's has a terrible cold and snored all night.  We thought he was coming down with one yesterday but it really reared it's ugly head in the movie. I just don't want it.  Our grandson had a bad cold when he was here at Christmas and of course we kissed and snuggled his little snotty face as much as we could ( after wiping  his nose.).  Grandkids the gift that keeps on giving.
     Anyway look at my side bar list I am accomplishing something this week.  This makes me smile:)

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. You are getting stuff done! And yes Star Wars is an old person series. I know cause I am one!