Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday, It is PIG time!

     I laid down the law and things went better.  A friend of mine took mom to her house to make caramels so she was out of my hair for about 4 hours.

     I was able to finish things in the shop, and get my dark pepper cookies rolled and piped.

     Besides getting the caramels done mom was able to get her Sucr'e Kasse done so one more cookie tackled.
     I realized it was going to get below 20 here at about 9 o'clock last night.  The back wall of the studio has pipes running up it as the bathroom was added before plumbing laws were established.  So I called new owner and she did not have a heater.  I ran a milk house one down and put it in that bathroom with the door shut to maintain a steady heat through the cold snap.  I realize it is her responsibility, but as it was her first year and I had not let her know and I had the tools.  Besides I am 5 minutes from the studio, with no children as apposed to 15 minutes and 5 little ones.  ( explanation given to Mother when she complained that I left her to do this)

     Today I must pay some bills, and I have a few things to finish up in shop.Then I can open my PIG and take the money to the bank.  I actually would have done this yesterday on Dec. 7th which was my Grandmothers Birthday.  She always hated her birthday because of the War, so we would do something extra special on that day to let her know it was a good day in spite of world events.  I always open my change pig or Christmas mad money.  I could have done it yesterday but mom was not here and I knew she would enjoy this so much.

So today:

1.Clean myself up
2. clean cat box
3. fix a small hole in a jacket.
4. steam wedding dress reattach hanging loops
5. tackle laundry Or start
6. Pay bills   
7. Get mom to go with me to run bills, get a few groceries we still need and Count PIG!
8.  Make Kinzer stars
9. Help mom make rosettes
10.  try to get at least one bedroom and bath deep cleaned and Christmased

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Lots of folks born on Dec. 7. My father in-law turned 20 years old on the day of the attacks on PH. He enlisted the following June.

  2. Such a sad day, but also a happy one. How are you doing?