Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday, clean house

     I slept in today, just got mom her breakfast and I am going to clean house today at least for a while.  I have three dirty bathrooms (toilets), moms bath needs love and floors through out the whole house need a wipe down.  The laundry is crying out for help and I think every trash can is full or needs a liner.  I am trying not to look at this as drudgery but as exercise.

     We went out to eat last night mostly because mom and Hub's wanted too.  Hub's and I had pizza and mom pasta.  It was nice to get out but I hated to spend the money.  Of course mom could have opened her wallet, but that is another issue all together.

     My grandson needs new sleep sacks as he has outgrown the ones I made in September.  I know I have a couple more cut out but they will be too small so I have to enlarge the pattern.  Maybe if I can get my house work done I can throw together a couple of these.  I need to get another apron done and hem some pants for my daughter and then mail the package.

     I cannot help myself, I feel a list coming on... Does this mean I am better?

1. go check laundry
2. feed cats
3. clean cat box
4. change sheets on our bed
5. empty all trash cans up stairs and new liners if needed
6. scrub our bathroom fixtures
7. Scrub spare bath fixtures
8. vacuum hall and sweep
9. clean kitchen
10. do upstairs hard wood floors
11. vacuum downstairs
12. empty all trash cans and reline downstairs
13 clean moms bath fixtures
14. do downstairs floors
15. finish up laundry as I go.
16. pull out sleep sack things and see what I need

     If I can get to here I will add on later to day.  On your mark get set GO!



  1. Have fun! For once my house is clean prior to the weekend. I feel some baking coming on!

    1. #itch sorry that just slipped out, I am usually a nice Christian person.

  2. Can u add taking College Boy back to school for me? thanks, your a doll....snort

  3. I'm impressed! With my dh back home for several days, getting much of anything accomplished is challenging. Spending money, however, seems to be no problem. Sigh.

    1. Well at least you have someone to blame it on:)

  4. You seem to be a very hardworking person with a lot on your plate. Don't beat yourself up if you can't always get it all done.

    1. I have been getting a lot o nothing done lately so getting something done is great! But you are right I am too hard on myself sometimes. Thanks

  5. Woo hoo!! Look at you go! I'd say you're definitely feeling better. I think looking at household chores as exercise is a great attitude. Running up and down the stairs a few times will be like aerobics :)

    1. Yeah I got in my 10,000 steps without an exercise video!