Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday, quiet

  The house is so quiet, no grandson crawling around screeching.  He is fun but a lot of work. Here he sits in my 60 year old baby rocker.

I did not realize so many others suffered from the get up and get something done blues.  Or the put off morning blues.  Sounds like a bad country western song, complete with cheating spouse and the death of the dog.

 I did get my tax things done and to the accountant, then paid the house payment, the water bill, picked up a zipper and some rip stop, replaced the batteries in the remote (very important in my life right now) took back a pile of crap to Wal-Mart. 

I picked up 10 packages of Wilton cupcake decos for .18 a piece or all 10 were under the price of one.  These last forever and we decorate so many cookies and things at Christmas.  I only buy these when they are marked way, way down.  That is my score  and I am trying to beat Sluggy.  I have a ways to go but a girl has to dream.  I had to go to Staples to pick up a picture my Sis had done for me to match a picture of me at my daughters Wedding.  Read the caption about sewing it is hysterical.

Lil sis had us come over for dinner last night as her girls were leaving this morning.  She had Christmas in January for them.  I was going to have tacos and she appeared a house about 2 in the afternoon and collapsed exhausted on my sofa.  Her girls wanted a taco night and we had planned to go over to her house in the evening.  She needed to go to the store for some more meat, and onion, and some tomatoes all which I then gave her.  We had a nice dinner and then I cleaned up her kitchen, while she helped her girls pack up. She still has all her Christmas out and I can tell the mess is getting to her.  So I found her silver chest and put away her good silver, and then packed up all her Christmas china in boxes and took them to her basement.  She still has days of work ahead of her, but I may go over help later this afternoon.
I am off!
Have a great and productive day!


  1. Quiet is good sometimes.
    I also get post holiday blues. Or maybe this year it's just exhaustion. ;-)

    And I can vouch for your need for sprinkles and such at Xmas. Everyone send Kim sprinkles.

  2. I am in the idle of having too much to do and zero inspiration to get it done. But with company coming Wednesday I need to get off my duff and finish everything.

  3. I only buy extraneous things only at a very low clearance price at WM. I took back lots to WM and the money will get me through the month.

  4. I was listening to my favorite Christian radio station yesterday and they were talking about this time of year being harder on a lot of people. Easy to feel down during these dark Winter days. Today I am thankful for seeing some sunshine.
    Love, love, love getting a bargain!
    Little guy is a cutie!

    1. Yeah I have always had a little trouble in the winter with he dark rainy days. But moms health and behavior are a big factor.

  5. .... if my husband came home to me with powder on my face and french chalk on my finger tips he would assume he was at the wrong house.

    1. You will notice, my hair is done my lipstick is on and I have on a very expensive clean dress. This is the only time you will catch me this way as I am usually in bib overalls or dance teaching clothes the dirtier the sweatier the better. My sister thought this picture with this quote was priceless because she knows I am a slob at heart.