Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Monday Getting ready to leave

     Sissie left early this morning and I will miss her desperately.  My house is organized and very clean.  Every time she comes and helps me my life gets better.  Now if she could just take mother home for a while:)

     Lil Sis jumped mom's sh&t several times in the last few days.  Kind of like a gang up party.  It is sad.  I do not approve of this treatment but also see no other way around it.  I hate treating my mother like a naughty child.

     Last night we had a nice roast chicken dinner over at Lil Sis's then home to bed.  I was able to get the rest of the Nativity and boxes put away.  Now all that is left is Christmas linens and I can do that when we get home.

     We are leaving tomorrow for Twin Falls and of course the weather is horrid so we will see how far we get.  D#1 has moved into a new house and needs plenty of help unpacking and with the baby.  I will take the baby.  Mom is upset as she will have to depend on Lil Sis and Lil Sis is at work all day.  This is the first time we will actually be leaving her on her own for days at a time.  She says she can take care of herself and she can't so this will be the proving ground.  Don't worry  there will be many phone calls and checking in often, but mom will miss me and hopefully appreciate me more when I get back.

     I am posting money spent yesterday and boy is it easy to spend.  Crikey!

I need to clean up, take mom to get her drugs, sew, and go teach and pack oh also stop at bank!

So I am off.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It's not good to treat her like a naughty child. However, something has to be done. She understands choices still? Give her two choices--one she might not like but will bring peace and the other choice something she does not want. That may work instead of fussing and demanding better behavior. It sounds as though she still understand consequences. IThere were times I would tell my children we would get an ice cream cone on the way home if they did not bicker in the car, in the grocery store, or on the sidewalk. It worked. It was not a threat, just the way it would happen. Maybe something like that would work for her. It is a thought, anyway. Good luck.
    practical parsimony

  2. I hope you have a wonderful, stress free trip and enjoy the separation form your mom.
    I think of you often as my sister and I try to learn the weird navigation of being the "parent" to our parent. How come they don;t have a guide book for this?

  3. Sure hope the weather improves - I can't stand driving in winter weather anymore. I know my daughter always appreciates me more after I've been away, hopefully so will your mom!

  4. I know what you mean about treating parents like kids. My MIL lives with us and my husband and his sister treat her like that sometimes. But it's necessary too. Man, she's a sneaky one!!! and will NOT listen to her doctors...

    1. Really? And you never complain you are a Saint. (I have always suspected)