Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday, What is my normal day?

  As you all know I truly believe normal is a setting on the dryer,  I really strive to have a normal day.  I start out with plans for normal and then the  mouse gets a cookie and I am off into crazy land and sometimes am not allowed back into normal.

     Yesterday I
hemmed a pair of levis
finished replacing a zipper in some Kevlar pants
let down a hem and faced some pants
replaced 3 police patches
hemmed 2 pairs of police trousers
hemmed three pairs of men Dockers pants
mended and replaced the bottom cuff on a tribal jacket that a dog had chewed  (this was a fun one)
put 16 buttons on outdoor pants for suspender use

I still had a bridesmaid dress to hem, and two wedding dress alterations not hard ones but they are due out today if possible.

I was to run to the store with my sister after dinner and then come home and finish up, but Lil Sis was in a complete melt down over something that was happening with her divorce.  So I had to stay with her and keep her steady.  I am a pragmatist, I always have been.  Okay tell me your problem, alright now how do we fix said problem.  No I don't want to hear about the problem again, we need to move forward with a solution.  I understand you are upset and that things did not go as planned, but now that this happened, what are we going to do to fix it?  Okay once again plan A did not happen, we need a plan B, I know your are upset, but you need to do this and this and this to protect yourself, How can I help?

     This went on until I forced her into bed and spent the night with her, jumped up early this morning to get home and greet customers and finish what should have been done yesterday.  Also had to run a cake to a funeral and finally get the few things that I needed. Now I am home to start sewing again. Yesterday was not normal and neither is today.  Balderdash!

     I have a terrible headache, due to not taking meds at proper times as I was at sisters.

Good News, Lil Sis took mom:)

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. There are times when we just have to accept "what is" and then move on. You are a great person to help with forward momentum. And then in return Lil Sis took your mom. It all works out in the end.