Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday, plans for the week

     Here it is Monday again I feel like I should make some plans.  What needs to be done?  What should I be doing that I am putting off?  I am always putting something off.

     I was very proud of myself on Saturday.  I cleaned my whole house with a little help from Hubs on certain jobs.  I have not done that for at least a year I think.  I either had a housekeeper or help.  I think I have just gotten really lazy or have been slowly falling into this depression that I am trying to climb out of in a desperate way.  It was such a nice feeling to have Sunday with a really nice house and laundry all done.

     Hubs and Mom and I went to the movie Hidden Figures Saturday night and it was very good.  Hubs and I laughed at the large IBM data computer that was just installed.  It ran on cards and tapes which were both obsolete but heard of when we were studying at the U of I in the 70's.  I highly recommend the show.

     Mom was grouchy and unreasonable on Saturday but I suspect it was due to meds, or lack of meds.  She was okay yesterday.  Lil sis came to get her in the afternoon because I insisted on a nap.  Then Lil sis came home and as I had put in a Roast we had French dip sandwiches, tots, ( something I never have, but mom had them frozen for a long time)  We also had chips, and apple crisp that had been in the freezer.  So it was a good meal but not a hard one and there are plenty of leftovers for today.  She made sure to thank Lil sis for her lovely afternoon.  She has yet to thank me for anything.  But Lil sis does anything for her and she falls all over herself.  I am too old to be jealous but it does hurt a little.

     I purchased one of those already made Boboli pizza crust packages, because it was marked down to under a dollar.  I am not much one for convenience foods, but as mom will be at Lil sis's tomorrow night I will throw together a pizza for Hubs and a salad for dinner. There I have just managed to cook or not cook for the next two nights.  I like that plan.

     Well I am off to solve the problems of the world.... yeah like right.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Once again I am laughing as you post about being too old to be jealous of the accolades your younger sister gets.
    I took Mom to the dr. twice last week and on the second visit we noticed her friend and her friend's daughter in the waiting room. After Mom went over to them and spoke to both she came back to our seats where I was busy filling out all of her forms and said "That Janet is so nice to her mother, she even brings her to her dr.s appointments" Chopped liver I guess!

  2. Hey get with the program, you know, that I know, that you know that, you are the problem, you have always been the problem and will always be the problem....... Repeat that fast three times

  3. Years ago I heard that as people get older they never recognize the ones that do the most and it hit home when my grandmother on her death bed was still picking at me until one minute she looked at my mom and told her that I was a good girl... she was gone 1 day later with not another nice word.

    1. Melissa, I would agree with you but while my Dad was ill and until the night before he died he was so gracious and filled with thanks and appreciation for every single thing we did for him. (He was just a year younger than Mom is now)