Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday, slept late!

     Did not sleep well again last night and then woke up and was ready to get up at usual time,  But I was so tired I just thought I will close my eyes.  Then I was in a deep dream state, for two hours!  I was embarrassed when I woke up, but you do need that deep rem sleep.

     I had three appointments set for yesterday and not one showed up. Finally about 6:30 last night I said to hell with this and went to Jo-Anns and bought the zippers I needed along with material for more drummer pants.  I swear if one more kid comes up to me without pants they go on naked.

    I am getting somewhat caught up in the shop, there are still projects.  Like a big old wedding dress, but the little stuff is gone.  Which allows me time for projects and maybe I can get some house work done!  Who really wants to do house work.  I think Anne needs to come over here for a week or two.

Well I am off.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I think you need to get rid of your Goals for Nov 14th Week...or go back to sleep in a time machine. *snort*

    1. Hey I am still working on that list I tell you, give me time, gee you are worse than my mom, nag, nag

  2. Get those little things wrapped up because GUESS WHAT?! I've got a wedding gown and five bridesmaid dresses to make before June! It's official.
    And I'm just kidding. Your life is way to full to come out here and help me!

  3. I am so excited I am so coming out there. I have a recital in June but I could get out there in April or May for a week. I have done entire weddings in a week. Let me know.