Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday, I am freezing

     I have completely lost my voice, so teaching is out for the evening.  But I have great help to run kids through their numbers.  It will be fine.

     Lil sis had a break down yesterday making me spent most of my day talking her off a cliff.  She did get an offer on her house, but her ex is making things difficult and Lil sis can handle Nothing right now.  So hard for me as she was always the strong one.

     I want to put up a sign that says,  can someone please help?

As nothing was done that needed to be done yesterday, it will be busy today.  OR it might just be a day to lay on couch with heating pad under a blanket.

     Everything is purchased for Thanksgiving and I was able to get lots of great bargains.  Well not like Sluggy, but you know great for me.

     We had French style green beans for .39 a can so bought a case.  Cranberries were .69 bought a case.  Also a case of corn.  We have already stocked up on baking supplies earlier so we are set for the holidays except for seafood.

    Just got a quart jar of beautiful honey for a ten minute fix on a bee keepers jacket.  nummy...

Adopted twin sister kittens yesterday to help with our rat/mouse problem.  Lewiston just has always had a problem with these pests.  We knew that and have always had a cat.  I dream of the day of no pets, but with the chickens come the rats, and we spied a mouse in the house again Sunday. These two sisters were proven mousers.  They are ripping through my family room chasing each other right now.  I think I will kick them outside.

Well Gotta go set the world on fire.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I think you won on the mending/honey front!
    No one gets bargains like Sluggy. I would like to try but it is just too much math.
    Hope your day is wonderful and no one else needs you for venting purposes.

    1. I know it is so beautiful in it's jar I don't want to open it!

  2. I will trade mending for a quart of honey any day. You got the better end of that deal. I need cats for my mouse/rat problem. However, I cannot have a cat indoors. I wonder if they would hang around if they were just put outside. I'm freezing, too.

    1. It is so warm here that we really don't get rid of pests.