Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, bad night

  Could not sleep and I think I have another cold coming on.  Sh%#!  The arthritis med I take which has now been doubled causes sinus infections so maybe that is it.  But I was up most of the night.  Then worrying about whether it is a cold or and infection does not help.  Don't feel too horribly bad right now, just a little out of my head.

     Friday I was able to spend several hours in the yard and it was so great!  Really did not finish anything, just made a lot of messes but oh what fun.   I was sore Saturday and even that was nice.

     Saturday I had an all day rehearsal at the studio.  It was wonderful.  I even slept in and was a 1/2 an hour late.  Yikes!  I have never, ever done that before, ever!  My kids were wonderful and so were all the other #'s.  Things went smoothly.  I am so proud of the new owner.  She is so organized.  I was never organized.  I always flew by the seat of my pants.  It is nice to have the stress off, and to just be able to enjoy what I do.

     Daughter with our little Will came down this weekend and we had so much fun with him.  We watched him tear apart anything he could get his hands on which was quite a lot.

     I must go and pay a couple of bills.  Then I will get something done in the shop. Maybe a little house work will get done today as none was done this weekend.  Mom and Sis should be home later this afternoon.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I tried to call you but your message won't let me leave a response.
    8 Wintergreen Ct. Mountain Top PA 18707
    And you don't have to send me anything, really!

    1. But I want to. Crap is that message machine full again!

  2. I'm so sorry! Start chugging the OJ!

    1. Can't drink OJ but can take vitamin C, I dislike being sick.