Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday, It will be crazy here for the next week!

     This is the week the Christmas show opens and I only have to worry about making 3 pair of black velvet bloomers so I am on easy street.  I cannot even imagine how stressed I would be right now if I was in charge.  When I think back I wonder how I did it.  So many details.

     I did get a package of dance rosin in the mail and I did special order a pair of point shoes when I was in Spokane.  Other than that and teaching my kids I have done nothing.

     We had a nice Thanksgiving I guess.  Sister hosted, my little brother was there with his wife and two young kids, both are very destructive.  It was not my house and it never will be.  Mom was not very nice the whole day.  She doted on the grand kids and was surly to us.  If she is not the center of attention she is out of sorts.

     I really could not wait to get out of there and on the rode with daughter and grandson.  Hubs followed in the pickup with our dog.  We arrived in Spokane about 8 p.m.  When we got to daughter's she had unexpected company.  They were already ensconced in the downstairs bed and bath so hub's and I split up and I slept with daughter and hub's took the single bed in the spare room upstairs.  It was fine.  Daughter had to work Friday and we watched our grandson it was fun.

     Daughter's company was her brother in-law and his wife and three kids.  He had worked a night shift and had not slept in over 36 hours.  Her sister in -law was very sick with this virus I have had.  So both were dead on there feet.  Luckily their kids are very well behaved for a 4,3 and 6 month old.  We put the baby to bed with us so both could sleep through the night.  Sister-in-law stayed in bed all day and we had a romper room of babies.  I swear all I did was cook and do dishes, pick up babies.  But it was fun.  I wanted the couple to get as much rest as possible before they headed back to Lewiston.  I cannot imagine having the flu I had last week and three small kids and a husband that does shift work.

     Saturday we shopped for wee William clothes as he had outgrown everything.  We also purchased a ladder for daughters birthday and Christmas. Then hub's and I headed home picked up mom on the way.

     Mom was sick yesterday.  She is better today.  Sis has her right now, so I get a break.

The shop is full and I have  so much to do.  Still have not gotten my voice back I sound like a frog, but I feel okay.  It might be months before I can talk normal again.  This has happened before.  So aggravating.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Getting a ladder for your birthday and Christmas made me laugh! lolz
    I needed a good laugh today..........

    1. Yeah I almost had a heart attack, I think she is growing up. I also saw her vacuum her stair case it was a religious experience, I tell you.

  2. I think a ladder is a right nice present. One year I got 3 gallons of paint for Mother's Day so that I could then paint the room.

    1. I think paint is a great gift. As long as you get to sniff the fumes:)