Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday, just lazy, what can I say?

     I am in a lazy.  I did very little in the shop yesterday.  I did get a package mailed off to my Sluggy and I did get groceries with mom.  I did teach 4 hours.  But other than that I was a wastoid.

     Hoping to pay off another of my bills this month but do not know if I can, I am kind of waiting it out so to speak.  I would really like to knock off that sears bill.

     Now Ann get to work you are not done with your list. I know I can be the boss of the internet and tell my bloggy friends what to do.  This will be my new job and I won't even have to leave my desk.

     Think of that will you.

Have a great and productive day!


p.s. McVal  some ones sever is down get to work.  Put that needle down.



  1. Had to go to the lake place to meet the bug man who was late then we had i have gas no power. Wasted my day!