Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday, Mom's agenda...

     Well I was able to get through yesterday without a fight.  Don't know if I can handle today.  Because you see I have no life or anything important to do. I just live at the beck and call of the MOTHER.

     Yesterday I needed to pay at least two important bills which I did.  I also had to teach which I did.  I had to mind the shop which I did.  I did not get the sewing done I needed as mother was on a rip to make Krumkake.  Okay, Okay!

     So I got her set up in the morning as I was running around getting ready for the day and doing a little house work.  We are in the kitchen and I get a stool to get down the krumkake iron.  As I am putting chairs away from the company meal the night before she starts making banana bread?

     I had a folding table and 7 chairs to put away in various places, so I thought I could keep an eye on her.  I was handing her ingredients as she asked for them.  She finally gets the bread ready to go in the oven and I have to come and put the batter in the pans for her. Then I put it in the oven and she starts on the krumkake.  I need to melt a cube of butter first thing so it will cool for her and when I open the micro wave here are two more sticks of melted butter.  "Mom, what is this butter for?" Oh that was supposed to go in the banana bread..   *&^%$# out comes the hot pans of banana bread back into a bowl mix with butter, pull out three more clean pans put it back in and pray that the soda will raise twice.  Now I realize I cannot leave her, until the batter is ready.  So no costumes get done for this Saturday's photo shoot.  Beat head against wall.

     Today she wants to do Rosettes.  Which are very difficult and messy.  I just can't win.  In the mean time look at my payoff of the counter tops!  Yippee! and look at the list of things I need to sew before the weekend including everything else I have to do to make money.

     Just a little on edge here.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Have you ever thought about having some church folks take turns and come over so that Mom can help them? ;)

  2. I do chuckle in spite of myself. I know it can't be easy for you, but you just can't make this stuff up!

  3. Oh dear, how I understand! Today Mom called me to find out how to make cornbread. She was cleaning out her recipe file, put all of her recipes in a paper bag to sort later (Who does that?) Then put them in the recycling can right before they came. Now I have to recreate her recipe file?!?!?!?

    1. My mom's are in a dirty plastic zip lock bag, that no longer zips. She hangs them by a clip attached to a magnet on my fridge. Stylin' I tell you.t

  4. I have been sort of sad the way you seem to think your mother is a bother. NOw, I am firmly on your side of this matter. She would drive me mad with all the cooking. However, some towns have senior centers. Can she go to one of those to give you some peace. If not, can you make a chart for her where you and she bake only on one day. Tell her these are the new rules or something. Then, have her dust on another day, sort her closet on another or things you can think of that make sense to her. Do not bake every day and at her whim.

    Or, hire a sitter to come and play with her. Good luck!

    1. Actually I am sorry I come across like that. I love her to death and she isn't a bother just a bother if you no what I mean. I have to laugh at it to live with it. But I mean no disrespect.

  5. Just Curious Kim, do you charge the new owner for the supplies and your time to make the costumes? It just seems that you are still being pulled in a zillions directions and much still has to do with the studio.

    Yours - DeeCee