Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday, I am going to the lake!

     I will be gone for the next 5 days at the lake.  It is a family reunion for my husband's side of the family.  Not too excited about it.  None of our girls will be there.  They are working.  If this doesn't go over well it will be the last one they try.  I hope I have a good time. It is expensive and a lot of work.  My hands were so bad today I could not open a door, or a water bottle.  Hubby is used to me doing all the planning, packing, cooking, bill paying, cleaning, thinking.  Well those days are over.  I could not pack a single thing downstairs.  I could not load a bag.  I was worthless when it came to lifting anything.  It was so funny to see him struggle and scratch his head.  It took him 4 hours to load what would have taken me 15 minutes.  When we get up to the camp spot.  I will not unload a cooler, set up a tent or a cot.  I cannot even unfold a camp chair.  I doubt we ever do this again.  He is not used to all the work and I am useless.  I think it is rather funny.  All those years the kids were growing up and we would go camping.  I called it slaving in the dirt.  He would pack his fishing gear.  I finally put my foot down.  We have not camped for about 8 years.

     He has not loaded the canoe.  I will not help him and he can't do it himself.  He will not ask a neighbor, but I will have to make him, he will hurt himself if he does it alone.  I did put the canoe rack together in the basement as it took a set of plans and he is very slow at reading schematics and puting anything together with directions.  It is painful to watch.  I told him his life was going to be hell in his old age, because he was going to have to do EVERYTHING and I would sit and watch.  The tables are turned, I don't like it but it kind of makes me giggle.

Wish me luck!

Have a great and productive week!



  1. sorry to hear your hands are so bad, I hope you get to enjoy some r & r while you're away, at least hubby will get to really appreciate what you used to do over the next few days!

  2. Enjoy your time at the lake. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

  3. Sorry that your RA is so bad in your hands and hope you get some relief soon. I hope that you'll have a nice time and be able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the lake.