Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday late night and I am tired

     I thought I would post now as I am not sure tomorrow will be any better than today.  We got up at 5:30 to set up yard sale, by 11:00 we had about 10 customers and sold $37.50 worth of stuff.  I am just not good at yard sales.  I also go through my house systematically every August and clean out every drawer and closet.  If I have not used it in the last year it goes!  So we really have no junk. Why is the house full?

1.I was able to get all 120 envelopes addressed for a mass mailing to the dance students while I sat at the sale.  I pulled everything back into the garage for tomorrow and went and had my nails done. (Remember I hate this, but the artificial nails keep me from tearing the thin skin on my arms that is really thin from chemo, I get infections so easily and I always itch also from the drugs)  Don't you just want my life?  Anyway nails done, also had eyebrows waxed as you could repel off them. (I had better number this)
2.Ran to get more envelopes
3. Ran to order bacon from butcher for family reunion.
4. Left sunglasses at store
5. Back to store.
6. Went to printer to get 200 copies of 5 different color coded registration papers for studio.  They said it would be 1/2 hour.
7. Ran home and hemmed a last minute pair of pants ($10.00)
8. Ran back to printer to pick up forms  (they were not done, they had forgotten them, yes other people are like me too busy and they screw up)
9. Ran to bank to get counter checks (I ran out)
10. back to printer, copies were done.
11. Home to start putting mailers together.
12. Realized I only took 4 of the forms into print instead of 5
13. Back to printer waited for 200 copies.
14.  Not enough stamps.
15. Post Office
16. Met husband to close on new home loan ( yes it is done!)
17. Home to finish stuffing mailers, discovered a figure that was wrong on 200 copies, fixed them all by hand and then stuffed them.  ( changing $15.00 to $20.00 remember the too busy screw up part)
18. Back to post office to mail 120 letters
19. Go clean large bank
20. Go to Kmart for camp table
21. Go to Albertson's for soda
22. Go to neighbors to watch movie on his big projector in his yard. Just like going to the old fashioned

Out My Window:  I did not water, I did not feed the chickens.  I know they have water and some food but not fresh.  Did not look at the garden.

I am going to bed, tomorrow is going to be worse.

But the refinance went through!  And what is this yard sale that earned over $800.00?  I am so proud of her, but jealous.



  1. Okay, I'm exhausted just reading your post! Hope you REST on Saturday!!

  2. Wow! You are super busy! Now I feel guilty for being so lazy today!