Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday, and the beat goes on...

     Why does every trip up to the college cost me money?  Because a child is involved, nuf said.
     I will be busy in the shop today, I have a great deal to catch  up on.  But I need the money so no complaining.  I just received a call from a close girl friend and we are going to make jam this weekend.  I will have to start gathering supplies.  We usually make over 100 pints.  I give these as gifts and we use it ourselves.  It is a lot of work but also fun.  It is something I look forward to all year.  I also may can some tomatoes if I have enough.  Garden is behind this year.
     The Simple Dollar has a good read on couponing and he hit my feelings right on the head.  Read it it is very informative.  I will use coupons if I find them for something I need but I will not buy convenience food with them.  No hamburger helper or frozen lasagna.

     Out My Window:  It has been very HOT here in the high 90's, but usually the whole summer is that way so I am just grateful it is only this week.  Makes the tomatoes ripen faster, go tomatoes go!

     We get paid on Thursday so I hope there is enough to pay car payment and the visa bill, those are the two I cannot fudge on.  The internet, phone, dex, I can make wait until the first week of September in fact most of those bills are not even do until September.  Why do utilities always bill ahead?  Well I guess you really already owe them.  I just received the water bill for the first part of the summer and it is under $400.00.  This has never happened before.  But we had a very wet cold spring and early summer so we did not water.  Yippee!  I always dread this bill.  Now how do I get enough money to leave with my husband and get spending money to go see my sisters and buy jam supplies, put gas in cars?  I have one week.  I have to get busy.  Yikes!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I was glad our water company went to monthly billing, I hated that big payment every three months.


  2. We get our water bill semi-annually.