Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, I knew that was too easy

     I was so proud of the fact that we had a schedule ready to print for the studio.  Well yesterday I found a glaring error.  It was not a workable schedule.  So back to the drawing board  three hours later we have a schedule that we really did not want.  But what can you do when you are trying to get a college and the studio and all the teachers on the same page.  It will work!  Bride picked up her dress from hell, it fit perfectly and she was happy.  So I am happy.
     We are having a yard sale tomorrow.  I am worried it will a lot of work and no profit.  I also need to get an antique bodice done for a wedding dress today.  I have the pattern re-cut out of muslin so I will do that first thing this morning.  Then another small pile of alterations and I am done in the shop I think.  Remember that we are leaving town next week so that always brings out the people who have to have this and that done before I go!

     Out My Window:  It is very Hot here.  But I know it is so much worse for many of you.  I will not complain.  Chickens are suffering, so I try to change their water several times a day and put out cold food.

     Good news, I should have over $500.00 socked away from the shop by the end of the week so my financial goals for the family reunion should be met. Right now I have $385.00, but more people will pick up before Saturday. I am blessed.  Now if my right wrist would just unbind(it is frozen this morning and so painful) I would call this a good week.  I am off to the salt mines!

Have a great and productive day!


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