Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, Where did that last week go?

     Hello blog world, I just crawled out form under a rock.  What a week.  We had a nice time at the lake.  I put on sunscreen and sat in the shade under an umbrella and still managed to get very sunburned in certain spots.  Now I am an itchy blistery mess.  I think my finances are an itchy blistery mess also!
     I will take some time to catch up on my reading of all of your posts.  I also need to find money to pay studio bills! Ugh.  Then I will return and report.  We were able to move B (#3)up to her college apartment.  She is almost settled and looking for work. D#2 rec'd her Idaho license now we need to send another $146.00 for the official paper.  (What a racket!)
     New development!  We have my husband's college room mates youngest son staying with us.(say that fast three rimes)  He is in B's room.  He will be attending college here.  It is late here to find an apartment as our school starts next week.  He is a quite soft spoken 20 year old.  B's room was not even empty 24 hours!  Proving that I am Mrs. Foreman.(That 70's Show) 

Out My Window:  Garden is huge, we are getting tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, butternut squash! Green beans are almost done.  I rec'd a big box of very small peaches also very ripe from neighbor.  He should have thinned his tree. Anyway I stripped them all and soaked the slices in fruit fresh and then froze several bags.  We also have homemade peach cobbler last night.  So Good!  Fresh is just so much different than anything you can buy.

     I have so much to do today.  Need to pay bills, organize desk, see where I am in the shop and get my hair cut and colored. I haven't done anything since last January so I am over due!  I also need to earn some money as I spent all of mine moving kids and vacationing. I will revise my budget some time this week to accommodate the new house payment.  It will be great but scary. Pray for me!

     Have a great and productive day!




  1. Feeling your pain!
    I can't bear to do a finance post! I currently have my head in the sand about $$. And another funny noise has developed in the car. I will be really reworking this month's budget and will be hopefully back on track in Sept. That's a big HOPEFULLY!
    Are you getting some $$ in the form of "room and board" for your husband's room-mates youngest son? See...I pay attention!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time...hopefully your sunburn and blisters will subside! The sun was very strong this summer!

    Give yourself some time to ease back in. It's so hard to refocus after some time off! :)!

  3. LOL when we went to the shore I looked like a mummy because I so do not do the sun.

    Just breath you will get everything done


  4. Glad you had a nice time. Your garden sounds great.

  5. Welcome back and yes as Rhitter says we missed you! Hope you are feeling better soon and all the money sorts itself out nicely.

  6. Glad you are back and only a little crisp around the edges!
    Don't hit the ground running too fast. Ease in for a couple of days!