Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, Okay Eating a LARGE Crow!

     I got up yesterday and did my usual run around the house and wrote my blog.  Then ran an old Foster son to get license plates for his truck.  I put the carpet shampooer into the spare bath downstairs to let the new roomer know he was going to be cleaning up the mess.  After 2.5 hours (yea a whole new fiasco to get a kid licensed) I came home to talk to roomy.  Well now here is the hard part.  Husband left the hose on Tuesday night when he was watering the chickens.  I had gone to Moscow all day and did not get home until after 10:30 at night.  Hubby turned on water and super saturated the soil around the window well by the basement bedroom.  Roomy found the well full and water pouring into the basement.  He grabbed everything he could to stop the flow.  He then went out side and turned off the water.  He said he found it about 10:00 p.m.  So water was running for about 5. Well when this happens it takes about 2-3 days for all the water to settle.  Has husband done this before? Yes!  He does not hear the water running and spaces that he turned it on.  I usually hear the water and eventually come running and scream, "Is the water on?"  He will jump up and go running.  SO now I am at an impasse.  I don't think Hubby should be allowed to touch water unless someone is home.  He has left the water running in the kitchen sink also.  He just can't hear and he is a very messy not a  detail oriented person.  I felt bad for the young man.  I could not figure out why he did not ask for help.

   But on a better note I was able to talk with him about the shower,  I told him we had had problems with exchange students and showers.  We allowed  one 10 minute shower a day.  Or two 5 minute showers.  If they knew it was hot and they were going to be exercising they could split up shower time.  He was great with that.  So hopefully we won't have to cross that again.

     Anyway my apologies for assuming roomer had done something, but all the evidence pointed to him  If he had come to us when we got home and said  his room was flooding we would have immediately taken action, but he tried to take care of it himself.  Poor darling.  He is young, husband is old, I am worried.

   Hubby did admit that it was his fault, (rare for him unless I catch him in the act)  He also set a fan in the room and lit a candle. After asking me why I had not done it?   I refused to help him find one (they are in plain sight all over the house) I also refused to help him find matches (he knows where they are when he thinks about it)  Then he could not get the match to strike and came to me, I just looked at him and said you can figure that out.  He is totally helpless.  But those days are over.  He and I are the only ones here and he can know longer blame others for his disastrous messes.  I am a little gleeful about this, after 33 years of nonsense he will have to be responsible!  Yeah! (although roomy and I spent hours sucking water out of carpet)

     Out My Window:  Had a really great salad last night for dinner out of the garden.  I need to get out in that garden today and I will!

     I am almost done with the dress from hell, but it is beautiful.  Also had another very difficult alteration that came out great.  So that is a relief.   Always a worry with a bridal dress.  I really do think that I need to charge more for major alterations.  I will work on that.  The shop has been slow except for wedding dresses.  I would prefer to hem pants, quick and easy! No drama.

Thanks for all the comments and I am sorry I led you astray.
     Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Yikes! (BTW just as I was reading your post I smelled something burning in the kitchen and went in to find hubby had started cooking--by leaving a pan on a hot burner--then wandered away and got sidetracked in another room...Im wondering if flooding or fire is worse...husbands need some sort of alarm on them!).