Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, I'm down, but not for long

     My newest drug, snuck up on me and claimed payment, it has to remind me every once in while that I owe it my life.  It exacts a penance and gratitude by force. So after about 48 hours of not moving unless I had to I am up and about.  Diet coke does not even sound good so you can see how really sick I was! Anyway I balanced the check books, it is miserable.  But we are almost through August and I have about only 2 other bills that have to be paid for the studio.  So I think I will make it.  I will have to put off some of the house hold bills until Sept.  But I think I will make it.  You all said I would, but the emergency fund is down to $400.00.  Last summer at this time it was $120.00, so I guess that is progress.  I hate waiting in anticipation for a new month so I can start over financially, but as I have always said. DEBT ROBS YOU OF YOUR FUTURE!

     Out My Window:  Oh the garden is great.  I wish you could see it.  Maybe I should learn to use a digital camera.  I think the boy that lives with us could help me.  I could post pictures.

     I am losing weight without trying.  This must stop.  I start to look like a rake with clothes on.  B just called and she did get the job at Winco!  But now she needs her passport as another ID so we will run it to her tonight.  Such a relief.  She should be able to pay her rent and car payment with her job.  We can supplement with groceries but the big bills she can pay!

Courtesy of Judy: 7 things I can't live without.

Diet coke  (Mormon coffee or vitamin C)

Medications (blah)

Books lots of books!


Chocolate  it's a food group

Dansko shoes clogs, sandels

Plants, flowers, okay I am a garden addict

Things I could live without:

A dishwasher  Mine is broken and I can use it if I put towels on the floor, but rarely use it.

A clothes dryer  (I want a clothes line but husband refuses)

TV  I rarely watch it

Animals  I love them but they are messy and expensive

New anything  I have enough

Things I have given up:

Land Line
paper towels  I use a sponge or rags.
Paper napkins  I use cloth
Cable  haven't had cable for 22 years
Certain kinds of insurance
Business cards and spending that does not pay itself back
Shopping as recreation

It is funny the changes that you start to make when you have to cut back.  I actually like cloth napkins!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Feel better my friend. I know you wont listen but take it easy or I swear I will yell at you. I will...welll...maybe...I will talk sternly


  2. I wanted to apologize as you wrote me a very kind comment which I deleted accidentally (not enough coffee) I was able to retrieve it and publish it after copying and pasting it in my comments window. I'm sorry I don't know how I did that but I wanted to thank you and had no email link to you on blogger!

  3. Ha ha - I love diet coke too. Waaaay back in the late 70's I lived in Calgary for a year and made friends with another woman who was a coke fiend too; we thought we would write a coke recipe book, but somehow it never got off the ground!