Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday, A new Month, where did July go?

     It is the first, I am broke I need to get through this month without going deeply into debt.  I really can't go deeply into debt as I have no where to get money.  That might be a good thing.  I was interested in what Frugal Dad had to say about the first of the month and how he reviews the coming month.  I think I will try that plan.  These are things or goals I would like to accomplish this month.

Get to family reunion dues paid  $250.00
Earn $250.00 more for reunion gas and groceries.
Get B moved up to the U of I without putting out more than $300.00
Pay all bills at the minimum and try not to carry over into Sept.
Get through the month with as little debt as possible.

     So much for the debt ceiling crisis.  I did find out our new Home loan is locked at 3.375 so that is good.   I am amazed by the stories I hear on the news about cities and States that are bankrupt.  I live  in Idaho and we by our own laws have to balance our budget every year.  Hence no crisis here.  But most people live at or below the National poverty scale.  There are very few high paying jobs unless you live in Boise.  There are a lot of very wealthy ranchers and cattlemen.  Boise had over built so the housing crisis is getting them.  We have very few foreclosures in the Pan Handle of Idaho.  People here are very conservative including the banks. Now you may think that we are lucky but.....

My husband works for the State so the budget is always balanced on the back of the state worker.  We have not had a raise in over 5 years.  Our pay is well below National Average and always has been.  When you are young and apply for a state job and they know you have children they include a food stamp,wic, and free hot lunch app. with your benefits package. It is a joke that wages are low but the Feds make up the difference.  I think this is wrong.  We have never applied for food stamps, or had the kids get free hot lunch.  We did use WIC when they were little.  I just worked harder.  It is an aggravation to me that my husband can have a college degree and Master certificate in logging practices but only earn a gross wage of $32,000 a year.  It is a crime.  But if you ask for a raise the legislature acts like you are stealing from the people.  It is a very red state.  I am a little of a blue person.

Out My Window:  Warm and the garden is producing like crazy!

     I am taking B up to college today to get papers filled out and check some things on campus.  We might take a look at her apartment if we can.  I am going to have her drive her car if she isn't too scared.  I also have a bride dress and some bridesmaids dresses to get done by tomorrow.  We are thinking of having a yard sale on Friday?  I don't know a lot of work not much money.  We will see.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Great goals! My goal is to get through with no new debt and pay off more debt.

    Let us know how your daughters apartment looked