Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, So much to tell you.

     I am still peeling like a a bad peach, but my hair looks great!  I have spent way too much money and will have to repent. But here is the low down:
     Bad: More than $7000.00 has been added to my debt in studio bills and Daughters licensing and testing.
     Good: I saved $3000.00 but next year I will save $6000.00 for summer.
     Good: Daughter will pay me back eventually

     Bad : I was so afraid of August as I had no money left to pay studio bills and I had no where to go to get the money.
.    Good:  Registrations and early tuition are coming in at the rate of about $500.00 a day.  I was able to pay a $500.00 bill yesterday and then when the mail came I had an additional $700.00 to pay the rent, due on the 13th but landlord is on vacation (whew!).  I had to take the $500.00 from my account, but I will pay myself back.  (You wonder where the kids get it!  I want to be Judy! Judy were you always that strong?)

     Bad: B's University insists that all freshman live on campus or at home with parents.  This way they can charge you for a filthy dorm, with puking, boinking, no sleep, no modesty, or privacy and a meal plan of inedible food.   They are now threatening B( we got her an Apartment)
     Good: I put my name on the lease, I am now her room mate, she still lives with her mother.  This cost me $20.00.  Her health is not good enough to live in a crowded dirty dorm situation, period.  I hate to be deceptive with the school and I hate to teach her to be deceptive, but I do work up in Moscow several nights a week.  With our new super job with the cleaning contractor I will be up checking buildings late so I can crash there.  Company would pay for a hotel so I see this as a win-win.  We are only 28 miles away and many, many people and students commute.  (How would you handle this?)  We could get a medical waiver but just the arguing over health insurance was so exhausting I could not face another inquest and neither could B.  Her little internal organs are shot and embarrassing.  Why parade that out in front of a panel?

     Bad: B thought she would continue with Home Depot until she found a job up on campus, but she is under a temporary hire status so she must leave for 30 days and then reapply.  (Crazy, because they like her)  so now she has no job to pay her rent.
    Good:  B filled out on-line job apps when she was watching her nephew a few weeks ago.  She got a call yesterday morning from Winco (grocery store).  They wanted to interview her immediately.  So she ran down there yesterday, she had a drug test 2 hours later.  She has the job as long as her tests and back ground come out okay.  I can't think of what could go wrong.  She will be working in the deli up to 20 hours a week.

     Bad: B has no roommate, except her mother who does not want to pay $274.00 for rent.  I can reimburse through company funds the money I get  for per-deim when I stay up there, but that will not start until the roads get bad.
     Good:  Young woman from our church needs a place to live.  She is getting married then end of December.  B's health waiver should be through by that time.  Apartment complex has agreed that she can stay as a temporary as long as I sign the lease and I am responsible for damages.  Win-Win! Apartment people very workable as Oldest rented from them for 7 years, and they know the University is a rip-off.

     Bad:  Fight I had with the local college when they promised us the ballet program last fall when they begged us to take the Jazz program at the last minute.  (Yes, 2 days before classes started) Try rearranging  an entire schedule and getting a syllabus ready in 2 days) They did not give us the program in the Spring, as they are in bed with the Universities'  private foundation and they want to send down their teachers so they can have the non profit arm cover a wider rural area, there by getting more grant money for the arts that is then wasted on executive salaries.  (Don't get me started)  I was furious and argued vigorously, because they had promised us this if we would please just help them out.
     Good:  Got a call Sunday, (Yes on the Sabbath) the ballet faculty resigned would we be interested in taking the classes?  I thought my daughter was going to go through the roof.  I could not believe the way she was talking to this woman on the phone.  "You did this to us last year! We already have our schedule out!  We will have to rearrange and it won't be our schedule we change!  Didn't we tell you this would happen eventually?! "  Yes, yes, yes,  but in the end we have the college dance program which gives us the right to a major nice building to put our over flow in and allows us more studio time.

     Bad: Moving out third child, my husband noticed a lack of towels, pots, silverware, dishes.  He went with me to try and find some cheap pots for B.  Then he said, "Everything in your kitchen is cheap and old". ( I hope he was not talking about the cook) But it works I thought. I am using the same bowls and pans we received as wedding gifts.  We just never had the money to get anything nice.  Even my good dishes are my everyday dishes.
     Good:  Hubby wants me to start getting some new things for the kitchen and giving the old to B and S.  My knife set is 33 years old.  I have never had a matching set of pots.  But we will see.  I am terrible about spending money on myself. Good grief I did not get my hair colored and cut since January.

     Okay are you tired yet?

Out My Window:  Cool and windy yesterday! It was nice, I will pick the green beans today and pull them.  Also need to thin out the garden.

     I had three wedding dresses come in yesterday morning.  September and October are actually the busiest months for Weddings.  Bring on the work!

Have a great and productive day!




  1. WOW I am tired just reading this. I am glad you were able to get around the rule for dorms though, if it endangers a childs health or well being I would find a way to.

    As for always being strong..no I really wasnt. My mom was tough though and so was my dad(my maternal grandparents are irish and my paternal grandparents came to America one step ahead of Hitler). So I learned to be tought when I had to be, and alot of the rules I have were my parents rules I just tuned them up a little and stuck to them from the time they were little.

    Now don't do to much sewing and remember to take a rest


  2. Whew! you wore me out with that one! So much coming and going - how do you keep track? I find it hard enough to keep track of my one 21yr old and she still lives at HOME! Well, I think...last time I checked...but you never know, things change quickly!
    She's smart, she's knows she's WAY better off staying put and letting good ol' ma pay the bills:) You can see how very NOT tough I am lol!

  3. I am tired for you. Over what period of time did all of that happen??