Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday, I knew this would not be easy

     As you know we have a 20 years old young man living with us.  He is nice and quite,  However he flooded the downstairs bathroom yesterday.  I noticed I could hear water running yesterday morning when I was cleaning upstairs.  The shower was on forever!  I thought well I will tell him after he gets out that we take no more than 10 minute showers here as water is very expensive.  I left to do errands and when I got back he was gone and all was quite.  I went into the laundry room as I heard the washer going.  I believe that every towel and rug in the bathroom had been used and were soaked, I mean soaked.  I could not figure out why someone would need to use 20 towels.  The bathroom curtain that hides the shelves hits the floor and it is 6 inches wet from the bottom up.  But no water any where.  So was he in the shower when this happened ? Did he not close the door?  I went to rehearsal after I started another load of laundry.  Now this was about 12:30. I got home after 6 p.m. and the basement smells like a wet dog.  Both washer and dryer are still going.  Went to do cleaning work and came home shower is running again, this time for 20 minutes!  Now I am angry.  It is hot here.  Very Hot!  You sweat!  But you cannot take 2 showers a day that last a total of an hour.  Also the dryer and the washer have not stopped for over 9 hours.  I went to the dryer and it was still full of sopping towels, I don't think my wash machine could handle the weight and spin that much stuff out.  Also the wash machine was full of towels again!  I took everything out and took them up stairs and hung them all over  the deck.  I just noticed when I cam downstairs that there are wet towels on his carpet going into his room.  Now we do have a machine that sucks water,  The basement has flooded before.  But why not ask for help?  I will have to deal with this today when he waked up.  What a mess.  The flood does not bother me as much as any one can be brainless, but the shower thing really gets to me.

     The performance went well however lots of tech problems with the city, not knowing how to schedule they bumped us up a half hour early and many parents missed the performance and are irritated.  But we have no control.  We hate performing for city functions but they just beg us on a regular basis, Because well.... we are good.  People come to watch.  People were rushing down to watch the kids.  So aggravating.  We now keep all texts and e-mails from the city so we can show crabby parents that we are not dingy artists. We have no control.
     The bodice for the antique wedding dress came back and it needs major revision.  Every seam and all the boning have to be removed.  Oh they also brought the skirt back so I could reattach it.  GRRRR!  I do not like people who claim they can do something and then don't do it.  This mother obviously tried to start the alterations and it was way over her head.  But I would not have triple stitched the seams if I knew they were going to change the design.  Whine, whine.  Oh by the way they want the dress complete Friday.  Because I don't have 2 other dresses that have to go out tomorrow.  So I am in Wedding hell right now.

Out My Window:  Deck is covered with towels, No we do not own a swimming pool.

    Well I need to hop in the shower(I mean the bathtub) and get busy.  I am the one chained in the basement with the white tulle and satin.  The basement smells horrible!

Love my Life!
Have a great and productive day.



  1. I would definitly have a talk with him, probably a fairly loud talk. I hope you are charging the people who need the dress done again extra, remember your time is just as valuable as everyone elses. I wonder if you are charging enough for what you do? Just something to explore.

    Other than that..happy sewing.


  2. Ok you really need to sit this kid down and have a "these are the rules of this house" talk. And make sure you cover everything! Make notes so you don't forget things.

    And yes, like Judy says, I sure hope you are charging accordingly for that dress!

  3. Yes...I agree to talk about the shower.

    As for the flood...I am guessing he was scared to tell you because he thought he did something wrong, and like a CHILD, tried to fix it himself.

    Hope you charge the wedding dress people triple, for their triple seams!

  4. What a frustrating day! Tomorrow can only be better.

  5. Eek! I'd be steaming, literally! Time to "lay down the law" & hope he clues in!