Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday,It is just wedding dresses now!

  I am down to 11 wedding dresses in the shop and few other odds and ends.  I plan on getting a flower girl dress hemmed today and at least one bride dress done and maybe another started.  I do need to run to Joanns sometime today.

Hubs and I went to get a few groceries last night. We actually made out really well at Albert sons, between loss leaders and free items.  They had one pound pasta on sale limit 4 for .59, and 8 0z packages of cheese slices for .77 limit 2.  Then I picked up some free cookies, and ice cream on a super good sale and 4 large bottles of soda for our missionaries.  It all came to under $12.00.  Then onto Winco where we stocked up on sugar, and olive oil and hubs got several of his little juice drink squeezy things he likes. But we still did not spend all of the grocery budget so I  felt good about that.

We are having a big party for Oliver's 1st birthday tomorrow.  Both girls will be down here for the night and will help clean up the house (just the floors) and then help set up and do food for the party. That will be fun.  Sunday we have to James back to his mother and dad and we are meeting them in McCAll.  It is also the Sunday I am supposed to feed the missionaries. So I am putting a roast and veggies in my large crockpot, making a double batch of biscuits, and taking over a cake, icecream and soda. They can plug it in and have a ready dinner at 4:00 at their place. It is actually supposed to cool off Sunday and rain.  We are all so hoping.

James had developed a bad runny nose and I don't know if it is allergies, or smoke or wheat smut as they have started harvest early with a very poor burned wheat crop.  Here farmers do not irrigate and we depend on the rain which has not come, plus the scorching heat is not helping. It is going to be over 110 tomorrow so our outdoor party will be an indoor party.

D#2 is snoring behind me.  She had Boliver, Kelsa, James with the runny nose and an over tired Schmills.  Boliver was his natural cranky self and she told her husband she was going to divide and conquer, she had him keep their  two and brought James and Boliver down here.  Grandpa filled up the kiddy pools and put the huge umbrella over to shade them.  That new job working from 7:30 to 5:00 Monday and Friday and then driving to the theme park all day Tuesday and then 4 kids yesterday and she is wiped out. She needs a nap.  Kids are out in the pool cooling off.  Hopefully Oliver will go down for a nap soon. I am going to get into the shop!

DO you have any plans for the weekend? What are they?  Anything fun?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Are these the same missionaries who came through like a tornado and left manners somewhere else? That is one way to feed people--take them a crockpot! Maybe they will learn something about how easy a crockpot cooks food. Good Food. Those were good deals at Albertson's!

  2. Great deals. You did very well. Still having trouble getting into your blog, but I will figure something out.

    Only 11 wedding dresses!!! Girl you are a wonder.

    God bless.

  3. Happy birthday to Oliver! Hope he enjoys his birthday party. Hope James feels better too.
    Great job with the sewing.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. I cannot believe that wee Oliver is turning One!!! Seems he was just born yesterday!!

  5. Happy 1st Birthday to Oliver! Sounds like you have a fun day planned. It is supposed to rain all weekend here so we are going to take it slow and relax a little with maybe a few things done inside.

  6. I'm sure you haf a lovely party, heat and all. No rain, but finally a bit of a break here from heat.

  7. What great deals at Albertsons, Kim. I hope the party was a good one.