Saturday, July 17, 2021

Saturday, Just a little old me day!

 Well Kim slept until 10:30 this morning!  No doorbell or phone, or dog, or hubby clomping around to wake me up.  It was lovely.

Last night I stayed up until about midnight ironing and I still have 17 pieces left, which I will do today.  Well I think I will get all the laundry done and then finish what is in there also.  I only wear 100% cotton right now and everything wrinkles.  Also mostly button down blouses as my arthritis can make it really hard to take things off over my head.  Right now I am fine, but there are months of flairs where this is impossible, so it is best to just have button downs for most clothing.

I have already fed and watered the chickens and watered the garden and flower boxes.  It is actually cooler today and may not reach 100.  It will be the first day in almost a  month.  We still have so much smoke in the valley and our air quality is low.  I have no idea how long this will last.

Yesterday I got plenty of sewing done and took a good inventory of the shop.  Lots of piles a few more bridesmaid dresses and at least 5 wedding dresses.  Don't know if I will get any sewing done today, but we will see.

I just had a plate of Brie cheese and triscut.  Yum!  You can get a very large wheel of Brie for a little over $10.00 at a restaurant supply store here.  SO I always have it ready for a snack or a meal.  I got a call from Hubs this morning and he took his mom out to buy a new vacuum.  We have finally got her to get a housekeeper in once a week and her old vacuum was from the 70's.  A large very heavy canister vac that the housekeeper declared defunct.  Finally, I truly hated that thing.  So they bought a nice light weight bissel and I told hubs to make sure and read all instructions so he could show his mom how to use it and empty it.  Actually have her do it a few times, so she is not frustrated.

Mom sounded chipper and happy when I talked to her this morning.  First of all she has Hubs there and she got to get out, plus will stay and take her to church tomorrow, and then he will return next weekend. SO she has something to look forward to.  Hubs is weeding the garden today and doing some cleaning in her garage.  Plus she was thrilled with her one pound box of creams from the Wieser candy company.  They are delicious!  I am so glad I had Hubs switch to creams, as we always bought with dad in mind.  Mom is the one we really need to cater to now. She was so touched and sat right down and opened the box.

Sis and Slugs called me and they were on there way to Frederick, to shop Ollies (good stuff cheap).  Then going out to a nice restaurant for dinner.  They are having a ball together.  Slugs is just like another sister to us, so fun.  Same sense of humor, which is a bit scary.  Even though I wish I was there I am truly happy that they live close enough for visits.  

SO TODAY I want to:

1. get watering done

2. go to bank

3. get nails done (appt at 6:00)

4. finish laundry so all ironing is out

5. finish ironing 

6. practice piano

7. clean off desk and pay remainder of bills

8. clean and dust spare bedroom

9. clean and mop spare bathroom

10. clean and dust master bedroom

11. clean and mop master bath

12. straighten dining room

13. clean family room

14. download all fetch crap

15. clean the kitchen

16. clean the shop

17. go peruse the second hand stores for fun

Although with 3-5 kids coming every day next week I wonder why I am cleaning? Must think about this.  But I guess this is like dusting blinds, and all furniture and ceiling fans, things that won't make a difference to them but they need to be done.  SO let's do it!

Really none of these things take that much time, I just need to do them.  I think I will set a timer every time I do a job and just see how much time it takes. usually not as much as we think.

Well I am off to have a happy, do what I want day and these are the things I want to do.

If you had a couple of days to do what you wanted or needed to do what would you be doing?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. My "ifs" are filled with more "ifs." If I could get my sewing machine set up, I would sew! Sewing is my biggest "if."

    Thinking about all the new grandkids made me think of sewing with a baby then two in the house. I put a baby gate over my sewing room door. My son screamed to get in and then resorted to throwing all his toys into the sewing room. I suppose he thought I would quit sewing and give them all back. No, I just kept sewing as he cried. Of course, once in a while I would talk to him, which caused him to stop crying as long as I was talking.

    1. My youngest was in a play pen in my shop. She would do the same things. She actually was pretty good if I talked or sang to her while sewing, but I had better not talk on the phone she hated that.

  2. Wow, what a long to do list, and so many things crossed off! My lists are much smaller but then again, your list is business and home. You are exactly right that many things I dread don’t take much time in reality. I hate hate hate vacuuming. I finally timed it a few months ago. To do basic vacuuming of the key high traffic areas of the house, it takes 15 minutes. I got embarrassed with myself that I had such a mental issue with something that only took 15 minutes….sigh. (Note this 15 min vacuuming only did the kitchen and eating area, laundry room, hallways, bathrooms and living room. I didn’t vacuum everywhere since I truly don’t care if the rug in the spare bedroom needs attention each week ;). No one goes in there.
    Oh gees, if I had a few days to do what I wanted, I would visit girlfriends and chatter like magpies ;). Or a day or two at a spa.

    1. I actually added a pedicure to my nail appointment when I got there and it was so nice. Of course when I came home I was wiped out and did not do a thing:)

  3. I am finally back visiting again! I have been so worried about you with the smoke. Praying for you Kim!

    1. It is pretty bad down here. Not as bad as it has been in past years, but not good enough for me to spend time in it.

  4. Staying busy keeps you happy! Love your lists AND that you can get so much done.

  5. Sounds like you've enjoyed your time and you've also been so productive. Have a wonderful Sunday!! It is amazing how much less time it actually takes to do something than what we think in our minds. I remind myself of that to just get it done.

    1. I know, I keep constantly telling myself, it really does not take that long....

  6. Glad you had a nice me day. Sounds like MIL is truly enjoying her son! Love that.
    Have a good day!!

    1. I hope she was happy, hubs got sick while there I am sure from something he ate. I don't have the whole story yet...

  7. Oh wow, I didn’t realize it was hard to take a pullover off with arthritis. I have trouble buttoning small buttons with my arthritis. Getting old is not for the weak. Lol Sounds like you’ve been busy as usual, and I’m glad you had a good me day and even got to sleep in, woo Hoo!

  8. I sometimes have trouble with buttons also, but when my shoulders are swollen and it can last for months, i just can't raise my arms above my head without severe pain.


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