Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Wednesday, I have to catch up!

 Into the Doc first thing this morning for a cortisone shot, pain gone, but my thumb is now numb.  Ever tried to pick up pins with a numb thumb?  Well it ain't easy.  I have had two bridesmaid dresses in here already and I fumbled around like a drunk trying to mark them.

Last night after I took a short nap we drove to Moscow to buy hubs new shoes.. He has to wear a certain style of boot as he has terribly flat feet and wears inserts.  These have always run about $120.00 a pair and I was shocked to see that they were now $150.00 We bought his last pair about 18 months ago. Everything is going up.  But we also found 22 shells which we have not been able to buy down here even though we have 4 bullet factories, so hubs wws thrilled.  I also found two boxes of wide mouth lids and seals so I was happy about that.  We stopped by the kids place to give Oliver hugs and kisses as we had not seen him in 24 hours and he might have started to say grandma.  He was cute as ever crawling all over pulling himself up and then throwing anything he could reach on the floor.  We applauded every time he threw something.  Probably not a good game, but we are the grandparents right?

Then onto Uniontown to check on Kelsa and Schmills for the same reason.  D#2 was sitting on the floor of the family room surrounded by clothes that she was folding and Kelsa had her back to us and was sitting there watching her mother. As soon as she heard my voice she turned and went into a Sarah Berhardt act.  Throwing her arm across her eyes and falling into a fit on the floor so I would pick her up.  As in my mother hasn't held me all day....  We all laughed so hard, what an actress.

Grocery adds came out today and we need nothing and nothing was appealing.  Went to Wal mart last night also for dog supplies.  So we are set for a while.  I have not even filled my money envelopes this week as I have been so down in the wrist and so scattered with losing a day this week. Do any of you get behind or mixed up when you take a Monday holiday? It is hard for me to get on track again.  But I am going to try hard today to get there.

Things that I need to do today:

1. water flowers

2. Military jacket

3. another military jacket

4. another military jacket

5. fix a pair of levis

6. alter 3 shirts

7. hem a bridesmaid dress

8. hem another bridesmaid dress

9. hem another bridesmaid dress

10 hem another bridesmaid dress

11. hem grooms pants

12. put a seam into a pocket of three pairs of pants 

13. hem two pairs of pj's and a pair of jeans

14. put new braid on a rug

I just have to get rid of the piles and I have three wedding dresses two need to be picked up. I also have more work coming in tomorrow that must be out next week.  IT just never ends.


Well let's go see if my hand is working better. Still cannot feel the fingertips very well...

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. I'm really hoping you get the feeling back in your thumb! That can't be easy, with all of the sewing you do..

    I'm behind in everything, but slowly getting back into life. Gave away five zucchini, sold a couple of items on eBay & a pair of vases on FB marketplace. Made some coleslaw, went for a run, and did a bunch of work/work.

    1. Well I did about noon thank goodness. Gave away zucchini you actually found someone to take it?

  2. With your line of work, a numb thumb is impossible. Try running the numb digit under hot water.

  3. My SAS sandals were the same price they were two years ago, but I suppose people don't need sandals as much as boots. However, I need them! Having a numb thumb would slow me down trying to sew. I hope it gets better. Maybe a little exercising it, like moving it some would help. Although when my index finger was numb, the problem was further up on my hand due to swelling.

  4. Hope your thumb returns to normal sooner rather than later. I don't see how you can sew without it!
    I envy your grandmother time. In August we will be seeing Pip in person for the first time since Nov.2019

    1. Grandmother time is the best. I can't beleive it has been that long since you have seen that baby.

  5. Oh no. I would guess a numb thumb for a seamstress woudl be a huge challenge. I love the little actress. I got baby/toddler time with great nieces and nephews-and then, I got to give them back to parents. LOL

    1. Yes the giving back part is sometimes the best.

  6. Yep. When Monday is different, my whole week is off! Hope your thumb is better. And so glad you had some baby time!!! Peyton is nannying for a family with a 14 month old baby. She loves it!!!!!

    1. I think you need a grandchild and you mom needs a great!

  7. I hope your hand is working better today, Kim.

  8. I get to see my grandchild next week for the first time since mid October 2019. I wish I lived closer but really, COVID, is what caused all this delay of course. So glad your thumb is better. Cindy in the South

  9. Before we retired we both worked holidays. So it does not throw us off. I understand about the thumb. I have a hand that goes numb and it's a pain in the butt at times.

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