Thursday, July 8, 2021

Thursday, Kim plans, God laughs, Thrifty Thursday

  Kim is so smug as she got so much done yesterday including 3 sets of military dress blues that she had been putting off forever.  So a young airman comes to pick his up this morning and I had sewed all four patches on upside down.  *&^%$#@

I sewed until 9 p.m. last night as I had a DECA student that was leaving from Spokane at 5 p.m. this morning and her pants and coat and career wear had just come in the mail at 6 p.m.  So she dropped off and I got her done.  We have no shopping here.  Everything has to be ordered on line and then it is back ordered or does not come in, I feel bad for these people who wait and wait until there things finally get here.  I was tired last night when hubs and I went to check on missionary apartments.

There are myriads of fires burning all around us, as we had dry lightening storms yesterday morning.  Hubs went out with a buddy to the grange top to look at fires.  I could not go as I was sewing.... can you beleive that?  Yes sewing.  By the way feeling came back into my thumb about noon.  Until that time I just looked like a drunk trying to sew.  I mean the thumb would work I just could not feel it.

Started out this morning with my computer going down, so had to call the Computer doctor who is an old student of mine and he talked me through the problem and now I have to bring him brownies.  I consider that a cheap fix.

SO far this morning I have had 2 bridesmaid dresses, 7 pairs of pants  to hem and 2 blankets to bind, in addition to the uniform I have to fix the patches on.  This all came in during the first hour and 15 minutes I was open.  SO how can I ever catch up I ask you?  I was so happy yesterday as I thought I had reached status quo. Well Kim plans.....  I am just shaking my head right now.

my plan of attack today was/  now is:

1. fix uniform *&^%$#

2. neck line bridesmaid dress

3. shoulders bridesmaid dress

4. shoulders bridesmaid dress

5. take brownies to Computer Doctor

6. hem bridesmaid dress 

7. put fringe on rug

8. hem pants

9. hem bridesmaid dress

10. hem two pair pants

11. water flowers/pick squash

That is enough for today.  I really should do more, but why?  God will just laugh some more because he really does love me.

Thrifty Thursday:

1.saved all spare change in my pig bank, which I now believe I cannot lift.

2. saved all my 5 dollar bills now up to $1450.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. saved money in my 100 envelop challenge

5.  Used coupons at Joanns

6. shopped at a restaurant supply for things for 4th of July much cheaper for large quantities

7. girl friend brought me  2 quarts of fresh raspberry's I see jam in the future

8. found .6 cents a penny and a nickle

9. cooked much of the 4th of  July feast from my pantry.  Happy to give myself more room

10. picked squash, onions, a few beans from garden

11. had hubs cook outside most of the week to keep house from heating up and save on energy to prevent blackouts

12. kept air-conditioner at 78  to help with blackouts

13. air dried clothes to keep from using the dryer to help with blackouts I still need to have a clothesline put up.

14. Lots of leftovers from the 4th we are eating up only a little went to the chickens.

15. did my fetch rewards.

16. did a little ibbotta 

16. exchanged a computer fix for brownies... cheap fix

Did you do anything to save money over the last week? If so what?  I am always looking for new ideas.

Need to go deliver brownies....

Have a great and productive day staying positives while you are in the negative.



  1. Well that stinks about the military uniforms. Hope it doesn't put you too much behind today. If I lived closer to you I would be your best customer with my short self! Haha! A good seamstress is so hard to find where I live.

    1. A good seamstress is hard to find no matter where you live my friend. No one sews anymore. I had that uniform fixed in 15 minutes, but what an aggravation.

  2. Sewing something upside down would be my norm, not a one off! I think you are a vlauable community resource since the shos are not nearby.

    1. Well I find that I do a lot more alterations as people don't want to send stuff back, or can't.

  3. Stayed home over the 4th. I did prune my own trees this week - they are big. I made a store run for the first time in a while, but didn't get much. Starting to pick zucchini and peppers - yum.
    Oh my, I feel bad for you on the patches. I bet we have all done something similar.

    1. Wow, you can prune your own trees? That is great.I could save a lot more money if I stayed out of stores. Went to walmart last night, for thread and shop supplies, somehow spent $47.00.

  4. I groaned when I read about the patches! The two dishes I took to the 4th celebration were things I had on hand and were free or on sale when purchased. I had all this well before the event. So, that was a saving.

    1. Isn't it great when you can just whip something up with what you have on hand?

  5. I’m glad the feeling has come back in your thumb, Kim. How frustrating to have sewn the patches on upside down. I would have been frustrated with them too.

    1. Well I was so proud of getting all three uniforms done and then to find out.... splat*

  6. You are the single busiest human I know of! Just reading your to do list tires me out!