Friday, July 2, 2021

Friday, Cooler, Fire stories


It was only 102 yesterday although they predicted 104.  The storm that passed through the night before really cooled us down.  It was some what hazy yesterday so we were able to put out the kiddy pool and the Littles and Kelsa and Schmills had a ball.  We knew we had the kids for the day as daughter had job interviews, and then they were taking friends out on the boat.  So we went and picked up the littles, as it is easier to take care of a group as they entertain each other.

Schmills announced that he is going to be an Olympic hurdler, only he will win as he will go under the hurdles instead of over.  He thinks it will be faster.  Any thoughts on his carrier choice?

Hubs just came in from mowing the lawn and it is 100 right now, almost balmy, but we are expecting 104 again.  I was finally able to get those missionary pants done, and I was busy with clients off and on all day, but spent most of my time chasing kids and cleaning. I also made a pot of spaghetti sauce, but had hubs boils the spaghetti and the corn on the cob outside.  I don't know why my spag sauce grows so much.  I tried to cut back and still had enough sauce for all of us last night ( us and daughter's family) and enough for tonight.  I froze two containers and sent another home with daughter.  I swear when I cook it is for a threshing crew.

After I get some sewing done today, (put sleeves back in wedding dress and alter two other wedding dresses) I am making a list of all I need at the grocery store for this weekends festivities.  I don't want to have to shop tomorrow as I know the stores will be crazy busy.  I hope hubs and I can go pick some apricots tonight, although I will  not have time to make jam until next week.

The dining room table has now become  Schmill's gun safe. This is my life.

Fire stories:

I think this happened in the last 10 years considering Hubs has been retired going on 6 years now.  But he had been gone for at least 3 weeks and I knew he was coming home because he had to do office duty for the next three weeks.  I remember him announcing his presence and then stripping down in the garage and putting his clothes in the washer.  This still made the whole basement smell like a wildfire.  He went into shower and I told him I would start dinner.  I heard the shower start and the phone rang.

When I answered it, it was the civic theater asking for him.  They were opening in 20 minutes and the first violinist was just being taken away by ambulance, so how soon could he get down there? I hurried and pulled his concert blacks out of the closet and laid them out on the bed.  Then I went and made him a sandwich. When he got out of the shower he hollered from the bedroom and I went in hurried him into his black's explaining as I helped him.  I handed him a sandwich and his violin case as he was going out the front door.  I remember him turning around and asking me in sandwich ( whad am i pyawin) I told him Fiddler on the Roof, he mumbled  back(o dood I know dat one) He played the three week run and was back on fire the Sunday evening after it closed.  How is that for good timing?

Another time he showed up unexpectedly with a pumper truck early one afternoon.  It took up most of the driveway.  He wasn't feeling well and told me he wanted to go right to bed with nothing to eat and the pumper had to be back at the office by morning to load.  I was downstairs sewing and soon I heard him calling.  When I went to the bottom of the stairs he was leaning on the door frame and said he was sick and needed help changing the bed.  Oh great!  SO WHILE HE SHOWERED, I stripped the bed remade it and it was obvious he had food poisoning again. This happened again a few hours later.  What a mess he was so sick.  The next morning he tried to leave in work clothes and had to come back and shower and change before he even got in the truck.  Then he made it down the block and had to turn around to come home and change. I helped him into his last set of fire clothes and said this is it, you cannot ruin another set of clothes and you can't drive 45 miles with that truck you are too sick.  I called a family friend who drove, hubs in the truck and I followed in my car.  Then 2 miles outside of Orophino Hubs switched with him as it was highly illegal to have a non state employee drive the pumper.  Then I drove hubs home and our friend drove Hub's truck home.  He was down for about 48 hours and back on fire. Good times.

Well I had better get to work, as no good fairy is going to come in and do the work for me.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the neagtive.



  1. I think I am still cooking for 4 people as I always seem to end up with enough spaghetti sauce for numerous meals.

    Better tell Schmills that he will grow and no longer be able to fit under the hurdles. Might make him rethink his career choice. LOL.

    God bless.

  2. Glad for you it is cooler(?)!
    I kind of like a kid who can think out of the box. Might be the beginning of an entire new track event.
    The fire stories are so interesting, in a really sick (literally) way.

  3. Well, Schmills does have a workable plan, but maybe not a winner. I hope firefighters have a better way of storing food now so that food poisoning is not a thing to worry them.

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  5. Kim, I hope cooler temperatures will be headed your way soon.


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