Friday, July 9, 2021

Friday, Will Kim ever catch up?

 This is the million dollar question?  I feel that no matter how much I try to get done I am always behind the 8 ball.  Oh how I dream of the days when no work was coming in and I was worried.  ( Anne no smart comments, I mean don't even think them, do you hear me?  And Sluggy that goes for you too)

Hubs is up watching Oliver today and he will also go up tomorrow for a 1/2 day. Nate had lasik surgery done this morning in Spokane so the kids are up there and D#3 had no sitter.  SO Dad to the rescue. I went out a watered my flower boxes this morning and just got a call from Hubs that he did not have time this morning to water the garden so I will have to get out and do that. I also have to go over and water at Lil sis's for the next 4 days as she is out of town.

We have several bad fires in the area but most are grass fires, which have there limits, unlike Timber fires.  So our air is really hazy and I hope it does not get any worse.  It really triggers my asthma.  I hate staying inside all the time. We have had summers here and way too many summers here where we could not see 10 feet in front of ourselves due to smoke. It can last for months.

Again I sewed into the evening and I still have a full day today.  But then if I can get done what I want I think I might be able to say.... no I won't say it.  I will jinx myself.

I miss my Sissie so bad right now.  I just wish we could be together.

I made summer squash, and a tomato/basil salad out of the garden last night along with Swedish meatballs from the freezer.  So good and so thrifty. Even though the garden is not all I want it to be due to deer, I am still able to eat out of it.

Today's to do's: 

1. hem four pairs of trousers

2. hem two pairs of pants

3. hem three pairs of pants and deliver when Hubs gets home

4. hem two pairs of pants

5. finish up a wedding dress when bride come in today.

6.hem a single pair of pants

7. hem a shirt

8. bind two blankets

9. clean and organize shop

10. maybe do some ironing as I am almost out of clothes and the basket is taking over the county

That is enough for today and that still leaves me a ton of things for next week, although no wedding dresses have to go out unless something comes in last minute. So I guess today is just a get the piles done day.  I will still have 11 bridesmaid dresses and three huge piles of alterations to get done next week, then it is drips and drabs of things I have been avoiding:)  I am good at avoiding.

Have not made any plans for the weekend although we will do the missionary run Sunday.  Wow I may have a free Saturday. Can't let Hub s find out he will fill it with his nonsense and I have worked hard all week, I need a break!

Who is all for Kim getting a break? Can I see a raise of hands?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. HAND RAISED!!!! Take a break girlie!!! You have earned it.

    1. I have played on the computer and done nothing today. Hubs keeps checking on me to try and convince me to do something, but NO!

  2. Have you ever considered wearing something un-ironed as a form of freedom? Or, taking a chance? I slowly had gotten my wardrobe down to things that don't need ironing. Hang them up when they come out of the dryer and there will be less wrinkles and the wrinkles won't be so deep when you do iron. That alone should cut ironing time.

    Also, I like masks now and intend to wear one at least in the spring or if I have to go to the car when a neighbor is mowing right next to the car. How do they always know I will be out to go somewhere? Maybe further mask wearing will help both of us with asthma.

    And, I agree you should take a break.

    1. No I am tooooo tailored for that and it is too hot not to wear loose cotton here. Yes mask is a must now with the smoke!

  3. Well you got most of your always enormous Things To Get Done List finished so that's something, right?
    Go grab a Diet Coke and a Donut and put your feet up and veg out tonight. Those are your marching orders!

  4. I hope you take a break this weekend to recharge.

  5. My comment is similar to those already made but I have an idea. When I worked, I used to make a spur of the moment decision and take lunch and an afternoon off. When my work calendar allowed, I would just pack up and leave, taking half day of vacation. I would go out for lunch and then go to a local spa for the afternoon. I didn’t tell my husband or anyone else, it was just me. I would then get home at 5:30 (usual time) and cook dinner etc etc. I am not sure what would relax you, so your afternoon off might look different. Maybe take half a day and go visit a girlfriend….If I had told my husband, he would have filled my afternoon with his stuff…just like yours. ;).

    1. Oh yeah mine has been into my office I don't know how many times trying to fill my day and I tell him to get lost.

  6. Should I what you ask for because you will receive?
    Take a 15 min. break Smile!!!

  7. No smart comments here! Just raising both hands to vote for a break!